Fallout 2 guide to start out easy(From Arroyo to the Den)

fallout 3 - Fallout 2 guide to start out easy(From Arroyo to the Den)

Hello everyone, Infernox here. I was the guy that made the Fallout 1 post a couple weeks back. After completing the game, I decided to try out Fallout 2. Now people call it a massive improvement over the original and I agree. However, the game isn't afraid to throw some unfair shit at you even at the start of the game. So, as someone who's been tinkering with the game and with constant restarts, I'm gonna help you out. Be sure you're aware of the original game's mechanics before you continue reading on.

Before you start 1) Install Restoration Project 2.3.3. This restores cut content and quests and fixes things like ammo damage. However, it restores bullshit things like the Kaga encounter so YMMV on the score for this.


SPECIAL So I'm sure you're aware of what the SPECIAL system is now. That said, let me give a starting view of what I have. Veterans can give you a more extensive viewpoint but this is the quick and dirty from someone just at Vault City.

Strength – 5: Strength dictates how well you use a weapon, your HPs, your melee damage. I keep it at 5 since power armor will boost my Strength anyways and I don't plan to use Big Guns till near the end.

Perception – 7: Perception determines your accuracy. Vets of 1 and 2 will say 7 since the Sniper perk can only be gained with a Perception of 7

Endurance – 5: Your resistance to things like radiation and poison. It also effects your HP as well.

Charisma – 6: Unlike the original, Charisma is a bit more useful here. Now, Charisma determines the number of companions you can have with you in your party. I think with a Charisma of 6, you can have 3 companions in your party.

Intelligence – 8: Affects your speech and the number of skill points you get per level. Of course, going a low intelligence run is possible and can cause some 'unique' conversations but this is a newbie guide so we're doing 8.

Agility – 10: Probably the most important of the 7 stats. It determines the number of action points you can use per round. With an agility of 10, you can use a total of 10 APs per round which is a godsend.

Luck – 7: Determines things like winning at gambling, your crit rate, etc.

Optional traits:

Unlike NV, I use traits in 1 and 2. Here are my preferable choices. And again, vets can tell you which traits are good and which ones are worthless but I'm just giving my 2 choices for the start.

1) Gifted: Practically a cheesy trait in a nutshell. In exchange for a small cut in your skill numbers, you get an extra point in your SPECIAL stats.

2) Small frame: a small cut in carry weight in exchange for another point in agility? yes please.

Tag Skills:

Like in 1, 3 and NV, you can tag 3 skills. Or if you're cheesy, you can use the FO1and2 save editor to add a 4th tag skill.(Ik, sue me)

Anyways, here are my 3 tag skills that can a help a newbie out:

1) Small Guns – Small guns cover things like shotguns, pistols, rifles. When you get your first gun in Klamath, things start to pick up.

2) Speech – Speech opens up more questlines and conversation options during the game.

3) Lockpick – there are a lot of locked containers and doors in this game.

If you feel good, you could swap lockpick out for unarmed/melee if you feel like you won't be opening locked things for a while. And melee is gonna come in handy for what's up next.


Temple of Trials

Oh joy, this place. The hated tutorial of this whole game. And for good reason, its bullshit because you're only armed with a spear and if you didn't tag melee, you're gonna have a bad time. But, Uncle Infernox is gonna help guide you through this place.

1) Stay on a straight shot to the end. Don't diverge and try to fight other enemies in the other corridors.

2) When in combat with the ants; if you miss an attack, run away and let the ants waste their APs. they only have a certain number of APs per turn. so they'll waste their opportunity to attack by trying to catch up. and since you should have an Agility of 10, that's plenty to flee unless you feel confident enough to still fight them.

3) When you hit the first locked door, just lockpick it. no need to find a key.

4) when you get to the end door in the 2nd area, there's a vase with a plastic explosive in it. set the explosive to around 20-30 seconds, then drop it from your inventory by the door, and haul ass away from there.

5) When you make it to the end, one of your fellow villagers will challenge you to an unarmed duel so you'll get through the door. This is apparently a difficult thing to do unless you tag unarmed. There's an easy way to get by him. Either have a high Speech check(via your tag skill) and BS your way through or use your Steal skill and take the key from him. he'll be oblivious and you can use it to get through the door.


Ah your home. But unfortunately, you have a quest to do so you can't linger for long. So go to the elder's tent and start the quest. But, here are a couple ways to get some free XP before heading out.

1) One of the villagers lost his dog. Go to the Hunting Grounds to the West and go find him. Don't worry about the geckos. They're practically blind so you can rush by them and get the dog and hurry back.

2) Use the repair skill on the well to help your nephew. Even a low repair skill can repair it.

3) Help Hakunin rid the garden of the two spore plants. The spore plants only have a finite number of spikes they can shoot at long range. Let them waste it and then rush in and slaughter them. OR, if you don't feel like fighting them, return later on with a gun and slaughter their ass at long range. Once you finish, talk to Hakunin and he can make some healing powder with Broc Flower and Xander Root(sounds familiar, doesn't it?)


4) Before you leave, ask the villager at the bridge to sharpen your spear. Get some flint from your bitch of an aunt in the village. You can either ask to get it from her or take it from her by stealing. Don't worry if you lose some karma is you fail to steal it twice. She'll give it to you on the 2nd fail and you can easily regain karma later on.

World Map

Just like the original game, you'll have random encounters on the map. However, the game LOVES to sometimes throw random bullshit at you from time to time. The Kaga encounters for example(in the RP) are exceptionally bullshit. You can always run away if you feel took weak. And another thing, make constant pitstops while travelling to quicksave if you feel afraid you're gonna come across an encounter that will set you back.


1) Let's start off by going all the way past downtown into trapper town to the west. Ask the guy in the building to give you the key to take care of the rats. Once you get into the next part of the building, look for 3 lockers. They should have 24 rounds of 10mm and 2 rubber boots. These rubber boots will come in handy later on.

2) once you slaughter the rats, head down into the tunnels. a small door to your guy's left will net some more 10mm rounds in the desk.

3) after getting past the rats, head down again and you should see a 10mm pistol on the ground. HURRAY! You found your first gun. Use it to slaughter the rat god and the other critters down there. There should also be some more 10mm ammo down there. Now head up the other ladder.

4) get past the critters and either lockpick the door or blow it up via the dynamite in the cabinet by the door. once you go up the ladder, you should see a run-down Highwayman in the parking lot. Interact with it and grab the fusion cell regulator. This will come in handy later on. Backtrack, grab anything you missed in the tunnels, and head back to downtown.

5) Now let's meet Sulik, the first companion you should come across in this game. Unlike the 1st game, you can customize companions' attack style, how far apart you want them, etc. You can even use them as a mule if you're running out of space. If you have $350, you can pay for his damages. If not, you can talk to the lady in charge of the store. Her husband is missing so go out into the world map and head to the toxic caves.

Toxic Caves

1) Ah, the toxic caves, home to the blasted golden geckos. Use your 10mm pistol well here. Now, the radiation puddles are a literal hazard. But if you followed my guide, you should have 2 pairs of rubber boots in your inventory so you should be fine but don't stay too long on the puddles. They'll melt. (If you have Sulik with you, either give him a pair or tell him to stay put so you can find Smiley.)

2) Once you get past the geckos, you should find Smiley at the end. Don't worry, he has rubber boots so he should be fine provided he doesn't linger on the puddles. Get him (and Sulik, if you have him) and get out of there.

3) Now return to Klamath and talk to Smiley. He'll teach you how to skin geckos. Trust me, gecko pelts are an excellent source for money later on. If you haven't already, talk to Smiley's wife and ask for Sulik's freedom. If you're in the mood for gecko pelts, visit Southern Klamath and slaughter them. But for now, head back to the world map and head southeast to the Den.

The Den

Now we're in the 2nd town. See all those kids hanging by those stores? They'll steal something from you if you even walk by them. There's an easy way to rid the street of the orphans.(warning: only do this if you have the restoration project installed since this quest was cut)

1) first, head to the junkyard and talk to Smitty. That fuel regulator you got? It can be used to up the mileage on that Highwayman he has. Yep, you can have a car in this game to make travel time quicker. But, you're missing a component. You won't find this till the Vault City-Gecko plotline later on.

2) again, if you have the RP installed, head into the residential area. Talk to that kid about his abusive father. Go back to the Den West Side and head to the East Side. Go to Mom's store and ask about the orphans. Deal with the squatters back in the Resident Area. Either threaten them out or just kill them. Don't let them run away or the quest won't be completed.(This can be solved by standing in a doorway and block them.) Once this is done, talk to Mom. Go back to the world map and linger outside for a couple days. Return to the Resident Area to make sure the orphans are there now. Good, now all of the orphans are off the streets.

3) now, let's get some good weapons and shit. Go to Flick's and Tubby's in West Side and kill them both. Don't worry, the people of the Den won't get pissed except for like an addict or 2 and you can easily scare them away. Again, stand in the doorway to block any attempts of escape and kill them. Once you kill them both, loot them to get weapons, ammo, and finally some better armor.

4) Now, let's find Vic like the Elder wanted. He got captured by the Slavers in East Side. If you have Vic's radio from his shack in Klamath, you can exchange it for his freedom. He's a bit weak early-game but better weaponry and armor later on will make him a powerhouse.

And that's it. Modoc and Vault City/Gecko are out east. Up to you now on how to beat the game.

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