Fallout 3 Fanfic, Outcast.

fallout 2 - Fallout 3 Fanfic, Outcast.

Wake up wasteland! Hello everyone, I have not done much posting on reddit but I wanted to get some idea what people thought of my own little story. Please forgive my poor grammer and spelling, I have dyslexia which Im hoping to improve.

If you can spare some time to tell me your thoughts, good or bad. It would help me out a lot. This story is not finished, however I wanted some fresh eyes before I make it any longer.

Tanner had never felt so alive, so awake, so powerful. Jet Ran though him,psyho pulled him forward. The twisted laughing and howling slipped into his ears long before he even knew it belonged to him.

Dust threw itself from under his feet as he raced forward, eager in love with this moment. At his side, he was dimly aware of Jan-jan. Firing her pistol as fast as she could pull its filty trigger.

Just ahead he saw them, red and black. The simple yet strong shape of power armor, its wearers backed into the bottom of a cliff face. The closeist to him struggled under the pull, even in their armor of the half mad dogs sent their way. A massive bitch with only patchs of something that might once have been fur clinged onto the hand of the armor clad figure,digging its Jagged teeth into the armor. Too crazed to understand its mistake, in their free hand the armor held a Ripper. A simple name for a powerful tool, made for a war long before the great war.

Now it fought still, in a new world and war its makers could have never forsaw. The armor pressed the switch on its handle and the ripper awoke, its links of sharp chain growling for a moment before the armor brought it to meet the next of the vile hound.The beast did not have time to whimper before its neck was torn open and at last its heavy body slumped into the dust still. In tanners crazed mind however, this had given him all the time he needed. He was close now, he was a ture beast, the bane of the wasteland. He brought his slegehammer up, its handle told the story of countless owners and countless makeshift repairs.The metal blunt head had been "improved" by its new owner by frocing nails and other jagged metal into it. The armor stompped on the neck of the next lesser beast that attacked it, crushing his neck under metal. The helmet turned to face tanner as the hammer came down, crushing, breaking as metal met metal.

Tanner felt warm blood spash his face, as the rush quickly wore off however he felt the blood had covered his side not his face.He'd felt his arms sudder from impact, pain flowed up from them.

The armor was close and had not bled at all, it took only one awful moment for tanner to turn and see another set of armor kneeling in a depression in the ground, leaning into a minigun as barrels had became heat and fire, turning Jan-jans body into a lumpy mess. Tanner let out a roar and started to swing his hammer again, the rush had returned.He'd crack them open,he'd make them pay! he felt the helmet before he saw it, slamming into his face like a brick.The armor gripped him tighter and tanner struggled,slamming his fists into the armor, clawing to find a weakness.He found what felt like a another far more destive brick had come to meet his head again, no wave of a jet rush came to meet him now. His legs failed and a moment later so did what was left of his waking mind.

Defender Haley's face was that of stone cold focus, nothing could be seen of that ofcourse if anyone had the time in the mist of battle to gaze at his faceplate the only human part of him that could be seen was seen though his eye-slits. His eyes where wide, sharp, ready.Years of harsh training mixed with bloody wasteland combat had toned his skills in a fight like this to a master craftsmen fixing a old probelm. Raiding party had been reported roaming ahead 10 minutes ago, straving, barely in control of their attack dogs. eight at most. eight is more then three but its only better if you use each fighter in the best possable way.They'd fallen back to the high ground.Defender Thorpe had not even needed his order to find herself a spot. Digging her self a nest to brace her (oversized in his view) minigun he could almost hear the servos of her armor sturggling to keep up with the weight of the armor and her favored probelm solver. Just before her, was the bait of this little trap. The newest member of the team, Defender Andrews.Strapped to his back a more iconic weapon of the brotherhood, the tried and true laser rifle.

To face the dogs however, he held his ripper. He'd faced them well too, the raiders had hit them all at once charging their dogs ahead before trying to rush and overwhelm his team, he'd almost laugh at the raiders who had failed to see Defender Thorpe.He watched as Defender Andrews hacked his way though the dog fodder before meeting a crazed speeding raider up close.He'd almost climbed down aid his teammate but he'd had no need. The raider slumped at Defender Andrews metal feet, laying alongside his dogs as rounds started to hammer into Defender Andrews black and red armor.

Defender Haley stood tall, his assult rifle already lining up with praticed ease on a ragged raider, struggling to unjam his rifle with a hand missing two fingers. Defender Haleys rifle rattled in his ear shook in his grip but he was ready for the recoil. The ragged was torn backwards out of his sights, blood soaking his chest in moments. A smaller raider rushed towards the ragged as he fell,for a small moment Defender Haley thought she was trying to aid him before the smaller raider, reappeared gripping something to her chest,tugging at it desperately. He let out a breath, hearing his helmets filter work with a small hiss before squeezing the trigger.

The smaller raider gripped her neck and tripped over herself, stunned. She fell to the ground, the last of the hounds ran over to her. A limping runt that had failed to attack with its pack.

The frag she had been holding went off however,as she still lay on top of it taking her last chance and the runts away with a eye shaking bang. Defender Haley turned to watch Andrew skillfully pick off a raider wearing sunglasses with no glass remaining, his body shivering as the heat of the laser turned him to ash.Next to him gripping a large wooden stick bloody and covered with nails a young man, face half marked with badly healed burns soon twisted from shock to fear.His body seemed to choose to flee almost before he knew himself, head still twisted back at the purged remains of his fellow. Defender Thorpe saw him and with a rattle of the massive pack on her back, holding the great amount of feed her gun would eat up stood up from her nest took a few steps forward and unloaded a burst into the cowards back. The burned one, thrown forward and dead before he hit the ground. The last two raiders where already running, one had even stopped to loot a rifle from his comrad.Holding a rifle in both hands as he bolted towards the ruins of a metro, trying to catch up with a cleaner looking woman wearing a workers hard hat."Range! Out of Range!" Defender Thorpe barked, even though the filter of her helmet he could tell she was clearly annoyed.

Defender Haley knew he could hit him at this Range but he'd been trying to save ammo, they still had a long walk."Defender Andrews, make it quick" Blood and mud had soaked his armors leggings even before he stepped over the feral raider dogs. Defender Andrews knelt down, took aim and left a ashy hole in the looters back.He thrashed around for a moment before curling up around himself.

Defender Haley gazed around, taking in the mess of bodys the gang had left in their rout.He'd always found the world much easier to handle when viewed from eye-slits. Some of his brothers sometimes found it hard to see everything they wanted from the comfort of power armor. Haley never had been bortherd by it,he found being disconnected from some of the sights and smells of battle made it simple for him.

"Outcasts, report. Check in." Defender Haley watched the ruins the last raider had ran too, looking for the flash of a scope.The twitch of raiders returning to repay them for their greeting.Nothing, not yet anyway.He didn't like letting one get away but nor had they really planned for this attack. The scum of the wasteland cared little for their plans at any rate. "All good sir."Defender Thorpe replied. He could hear the grin on her as she looked down on what was left of the closest raider to her. "This ones alive sir."

Defender Andrews had his laser rifle aimed down into the pile of hounds, laying with them but covered in the same grime lay the hammer swinging raider from before. Some of his blood had spashed on Defender Andrews faceplate but most was now running from his smashed nose,his left cheek had spilt open and his left eye was locked shut. His gut told him to just give Defender Andrews the nod and put the scum out of his suffering. Defender Andrews had been Knight Andrews until a few weeks ago, once loyal to the failure of a leader Elder Lyons as they all had been once.


Now the Elder ditched his ture goal to try and aid the worthless local populace. When many of his own men had rejected the change, they where dubbed outcasts and now wore it with pride. More then happy to no longer be linked to a weak brotherhood and a doomed mission. Defender Andrews had only seen the light later on, years of pointless war with the enddless horrors of the wasteland had brought only more and more to the outcast cause. Eager for a fight they could win or at least understand. As Defender Haley looked down on the thin, squriming mess of a raider he wondered why anyone would swear to protect a land of these. Hardly human,futureless scum. One thing stopped him from killing the scum right there, they needed fresh info.They had been tracking one of their own this far.

A sad little pack of shacks called Arefu had come into sight nearby, that was the marker they had been looking for.What they knew their AWOL had been working towards the last sighting of him.

Dead or alive, their brother would be returned to Protecter Casdin for a judgement. Defender Haley let out a drawn out sigh that was louder then he'd wanted, his filters hissing softly with his every breath."Defender Thorpe, take point shoot anything that moves. Defender Andrews, help me move this thing then watch our backs"He grunted as he pulled the raiders arm over his shoulder.Legs dragging Tanner could only barely understand that he was not dead yet,he felt little comfort in that fact.He could just make out the hiss of helmet filters, the servos humming as they worked in the Armors heavy steps.

They hid in the metro where the raider had fled. Where where sure they'd see no more of her until they found her. Covered from head to toe in shrapnel, resting where she'd sat. Never got up. Tanner had woken up better,with the first breaths he knew he'd taken he could already feel the damage. Air flowing in his broken nose, small pool in his left cheek. His head felt cold on the hard ground. It was the best feeling part of him, everything else was sore, cut or worse.Tanner had had fights, he'd been fighting his whole short angry life. Fighting for food, fighting for water. Fighting to prove he could so they'd not gut him in his sleep. Once he'd used chems to numb the pain of that life, he found something else to fight for. Fighting to be numb again. His good eye pulled itself open, light beamed in and it hurt. He added that pain to the pile and did his best to roll over, gazing around the hazy view of the room he'd found himself in.

Once it had been an office for a metro management and repair of its robotic ticket checkers. To him it looked like a crappy dark room, half filled with broken or rotten desks. One wall was lined with hollow, now useless pods for the idel robots. Tanner gaze focused slowly as he made out the shape of armor, leaning on the door frame on the far side of the room. Its unmoving faceplate stared at him. Tanner had to wonder, even as cold dread washed over him. Why was he still alive?

Defender Haley rubbed his fingers along the inner lineing of his armors neck. Soon he found the trigger, a small tight bolt is what is felt like. With a twist of his fingers he felt his helmet jerk a little as it was removed from the systems of his armor. The unfiltered air of the wasteland washed into his nose and mouth. He carefully placed the helmet on the desk before him. Just under it he could see the human shape of a skeleton stuffed under the desk, his eyes loseing focus for a moment.The dead almost seemed curled up around themselfs,the worry of new battles could almost make him forget they where nothing when held up next to the scale of what had come before. The great war, enough to break mankinds back forever. Enough to chase a worker under their desk to die there. "The wasters awake sir"

Defender Thorpe stood closer then he'd thought, or hoped anyone would get. He must be getting tired, or slopply. Not sure which he liked least. "Then talk to him, shake what we need and report back. We still have an renegade at catch don't we?" Haley did not meet Thorpes gaze, he had wondered if she resented his command. They where the same rank in pratice but she and Andrews had been asigned to help him.To protect and ensure nothing went wrong returning their lost brother. Heley sighed and started to look though his pack for the dry food and most vaulable of all. Clean pure water."How do you know if he even knows anything? He looks too feral to me, I don't even think he can read" Thorpe shook her head, her helmet.He turned away from his pack up to her. "He can still spot, still hear rumors. We have few partols out here, none in the past week and that gang was on the hunt when it found us." He pointed up at grey roof full of cracks "Aerfu will have seen nothing, even if and thats a big if they had. The local wildlife will not want to speak to us, not unless we bribe them which Im not going to do.The raiders will have had lookouts, they spotted us before we saw them." He turned back to the desk to carefully lay his rifle alongside his helmet.When Thorpe did not give him an answer he turned around to look her in the fateplate. "I'd be amazed if he could read but we don't need him to, we need him to tell us if hes seen an outcast. Alone. Making his way away from here. Ask him, Thorpe. Very hard."

The raider sat with his head held up in one of his dirty hands, covered with scars, with blisters. A story told of a life of struggle, written in nasty burns and cuts across his body. Two of the armor had come to meet with him now, though he had hardly been looking forward to it. He was bloody but not broken, not yet.Not while he could still run.The door, however felt a very long way away by now.Defender Thorpe however was very close indeed now,a great bulk of armor reaching down to grab him by his worn neck. He was held there for a moment, struggling with the awful feeling of his legs dangling under him.Defender Thorpes voice was soft for once as she asked him. "When was the last Outcast you saw out here?" Defender Haley watched a few steps away, his helmet returned.

Masking his frown.Dirty work,unworthy work. They where no merc band. They where the ture brotherhood of steel.The raider gagged down a breath, his hands dirty with blood and mud, clawed at the armor grabbing his neck.Defender Thorpe dropped tanner, her armors servos humming gently as she tugged her arm back and let the raider fall.

He slumped down,anger, pain,confusion, ran around in his skull.To answer, was his best chance. "We saw…" He coughed, his neck sore. He struggled to pull his breaths free. He saw the beaters armor move and made himself answer though the pain. "We saw one of yours, late last week. Moved slow, careful along the river."He rubbed his head, it felt like it was squeezing down on him. A sharp kick hit one of his broken ribs,"Fuck! We stalked it, we watched it. It slipped north before we could get the dogs, thats it!" Tanner raised his hand to cover his head from a fresh blow that never came.

The night passed as peacefully as it could in the wasteland, tanner had earned his life for the moment if only just. He was still a wild aniaml locked up however,hungry to be free.he walked ahead now, a guide at gunpoint. Defender Haley held his rifle so it never strayed far from keeping its iron sights right on tanners back.They made their way north, towards the last place they'd had a sighting, on the word of scumbag dog of the wasteland. Defender Thorpe didn't like it, she didn't like keeping him alive. Too much risk, she didn't like taking his word it was far too easy for him to lie. She didn't like wasteing time, ammo, maybe her life out here. She'd also taken half the night watch, enough sleep if only just. She mumbled to herself, seemly more annoyed at the "need" for tanner then anything else.

More peaceful of mind, if no less deadly when pushed walked Defender Andrews.His mind had been full of questions before he'd set out.Had he made the right choice in the outcasts? Were they turely the real loyal brotherhood? Had he just grown tired of his orders? He'd been unsure of leaving at the time. His patrol had met mutants near the mall, because ofcourse it had. It was one of their festering strongholds.He'd had to cut the big uglys arm off to make it let go, it had been tugging at his armors arm with enough brute froce to need repairs after. It was after holding up for the night that he'd felt it was enough. He could not see the end of the days when he'd stop needing to cut, break or shot though the tide of super mutants. It had just been enough, when the morning light came he had already left for the outcasts.

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