Fallout 3, I am disappointed. Should I try the other Fallout games?

fallout 4 - Fallout 3, I am disappointed. Should I try the other Fallout games?

Before i start this discussion, please know that I am disappointed at the game and I am not implying the game is disappointing. People can have difference in opinion.
Okay so am not being controversial or offensive in anyway… I usually play a lot of Multiplayer in games, Call of Duty, Pubg, Battlefield, Rainbow Six, etc. (On PC)… For singleplayer campaign games I have played a few, mostly from the Call of Duty Franchise, Far Cry Series, Bioshock, etc. and consoles a lotta random games but usually stuff that ain't open world.
So I been hearing about fallout a really long time now, welp more than 10 years lol, never really decided to play it until today.
So I go onto the internet to see what the game is all about. Now the thing is I look for story and plot in a singleplayer campaign game, with avoidable side missions. And I was checking if it's alright to play any random Fallout, like New Vegas, or Fallout 4, etc without playing the prequels. From a discussion I inferred that there won't be any need to play the prequels but there are some references here and there from the prequels, and that I should try fallout 3 first.
So I played Fallout 3 first 🙂 I was quite impressed by a game that old, and the concept was totally new to me and I loved it.
Well, there are a few spoilers below so, avoid it if you haven't played Fallout 3


Ok, so we start off in Vault 101, yeah the story about 101 was quite nice, how things work there, etc. So yeah it wasn't much confusing inside the vault, everything was pretty straight forward, the objectives weren't that hard to do too. I was amused to an extent till I got out of the Vault. I never thought the game would be bigger than the vault lol, I thought the whole game was about getting out of the vault, so seeing the outside was even more impressive xD but I realized there's so much open space, well it was fine till we find Megaton. I liked the gameplay, there weren't much side missions and again pretty straight forward. Before I realised I fell into a side mission in the beginning of Megaton. I did get location about the protagonists Dad from Moriarty. But I thought this Lucy's letter was important lol. So I did that, took me more than an hour and a half. I checked on Gamespot and realized it was a side mission
Ok, welp it was an interesting side mission so I decided meh it's no big a deal, I'll just move on. Now things get tedious. Like I said, I look forward to the story and plot more than gameplay in a singleplayer campaign. Now I had to get to a Radio Station (Galaxy News Radio) since Moriarty said that the protagonists dad said he was dropping by there. Well I went to the Radio Station somehow… And God it took me almost an hour to find the place. I am not gonna lie, I had to go through a gameplay walkthrough to get there, since I got lost halfway underground. YES, THE METRO. Omg, what an annoying part of the game. I understood that when marking places on maps it shows direction. It shows which station to which place you need to go to get to the objective.
I wasn't surprised when I reached the Radio Station the players dad wasn't there. Also wasn't surprised when the guy there asked me to do him a task so I get to know the dads location. I know singleplayer games often stretch out the gameplay, so next was the museum of technology. But this was more than I could take. The METRO GODDDDD ++ it's so annoying to go through the underground networks. Well I was fine with it since there were some enemies along the way, well the super mutants were fine to take out, kept me alert throughout the time, I somehow ended up in the nurses hospital or something, I cleared out the entire building full of super mutants, couple of centaurs, and some more random creatures. I landed up somewhere else discovered a new place, the map showed I had to go back to the metro, OK, I went back in, i went further underground where there was a bunch of raiders, they had some kind of base or something where there was automatic turret guns etc. Took all of em out. I again ended up in the hospital somehow, went back to the metro, went to another metro, the direction showed to go back in, I searched, searched for more than an hour. There's like no monsters or creatures or anything since I already cleared them out. I was literally just roaming around the same place for more than 1 hour. Well it's probably my fault that I may not be that good with directions, but i explored so much random things, I didn't get to the objective in anyway. I got fed up, annoyed and I googled for the walk through and learned that a lot of this is moving around and side missions, that's when I got disappointed. I wasn't get any story here. It was just a lotta do this, do that, go there, get this, etc. And I was fine with that but the distance covered for moving around is so frustrating, I lost interest. And yes, I forgot to mention, another side mission was for Moira and her book –– that was troublesome too, I had to go to super duper mart, and there's 2 waves of raiders. Came back and gave her the medicine and food +_+
All this made me really unhappy, I did kill time but I felt like I wasted it, I could have rather just got on YouTube and watched the cutscenes.

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I still would like to give this game a chance but I don't want to go into long loops of walking around, heck I even had to use a console cheat for increasing player speed cuz the player by default was so slow even after I got rid of extra weight the player was carrying by removing items.

I just want to know are all games like this? Cuz I got my vacation right now, so I decided to play some of the Fallout series, I already installed 3 and 4 and I am disappointed at 3.
Is Fallout 4 and New Vegas less open world and more story compared to Fallout 3? Or the gameplay is quite similar?
I am sorry if I am triggering any fans in anyway, I can be a little blunt sometimes, but I tried to be as polite as possible. 😀 thank you for reading all that xD hope it didn't bore ya.

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