[Fallout 3] Perk suggestions for level 29?

fallout 5 - [Fallout 3] Perk suggestions for level 29?

So, I've gotten basically everything I want and then some (GRS, All of the VATS perks, Nerves of steel, Ninja, Silent Running, Cyborg, all of the MUST HAVE perks and then some filler stuff like Scrounger, Quantum Chemist, Child at heart, Lady killer, etc) And basically I'm trying to figure out what perk I should get before taking Almost Perfect at level 30.

I'm not getting any (Well…maybe) of the skill perks for obvious reasons, or the Karma perks because I don't want to change it. That leaves me with a few options that I'm considering:

Daddy's Boy: Literally the only reason I would take this perk is for roleplaying. I know it's useless, but all of these perks essentially are at this point. Since the story involves finding your dad, and my character has high INT, it kind of makes sense just to have it for roleplaying

Rad Resistance: Radiation isn't really an issue at all, but it's a standout perk among all of the trash, I guess.

Explorer: Mostly just for convenience, I wouldn't get it normally, but it's starting to look like one of the only options left that looks appealing, and since 30 is the cap, you're bound to have a couple "Throw away" perks. Even at level 28, I haven't even come CLOSE to discovering all the locations, so this could still be a worthwhile option.

Demolitions Expert: I never use explosives, but again, I'm getting desperate here.

Entomologist: Again, I know this perk isn't great, but I guess it could come in handy when an Albino Radscorpion comes along.

Nerd Rage!: Neat for roleplaying (Since you're the son of a scientist, and people call you a nerd every so often) and playing on Very Hard mode, especially in Point Lookout, which I just started, I've been put to 20% in that DLC alone more times than in the whole game. I'll have 10 STR by level 30 anyway, but maybe the DR would be nice?

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Light Step: I travel with companions pretty frequently (Fawkes, Dogmeat, Charon, etc) so mines can still go off if I choose this, but again, there's not much else to pick, and it helps when I decide to travel alone. Even though traps don't do a whole lot of damage anyway.

Chemist/Chem Resistant: I can't get both now, and I'm not sure I want to. I barely ever use chems anyway, but Chem Resistant may come in handy since I use VATS a lot and Jet/Ultrajet is pretty nice. Not sure though.

Warmonger: Another kind of convenience perk, I know I can get all of the schematics like all of the locations from Explorer, but I'm really stretching to find any perks that really interest me and this seems pretty convenient.

And…that's basically it. All of the other perks available to me either boost skills (Which all but like 2 are maxed at this point, and I just need to find a few skillbooks for the other 2), affect EXP (Which is meaningless, I'm at level 29 already) affect my Karma (Which I want to stay as it is) or affect a playstyle that I don't use (Like Iron Fist, Paralyzing Palm and Pary Boy). Then there's stuff like Puppies! and Deep Sleep that are kind of useless, since Dogmeat has never even come close to dying for me on Very Hard mode.

Can I get a second opinion on any of these? Right now I'm leaning towards Explorer or Warmonger just for the convenience, but I'm open to suggestions. I know most of these perks are "Worthless", but I have to pick something.

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