Fallout 3 Writing is not Particularly bad as some people suggests, It just lacks something that was fixed in New Vegas.

fallout 7 - Fallout 3 Writing is not Particularly bad as some people suggests, It just lacks something that was fixed in New Vegas.

First of all, I must admit that I only played Fallout 3 and Half way through Fallout New Vegas. Although I watched the entire walkthrough of Oxhorn. So What I say may have mistakes and misinterpretation.

Over the past few months as I invested myself in Fallout Franchise, I realized a very large proportion of player base literally hates Bethesda for everything. And I don't mean because of the games or something. They just hate the fact that Bethesda owns it now. So they keep bitching even if they did something good or at least acceptable. I myself am not a Bethesda fan boy either but I don't feel guilty if I praise for something admirable.

Now that I'm going through Fallout New Vegas, I realized a few things. New Vegas feels a lot more immersive and Ideologically challenging. And everything has some form of Consequence. I started to think What If I'm wrong and those Anti-Bethesda rhetoric are right ??

I tried to research on how people thinks Fallout 3 could've been fixed. I came across a video of Youtuber named Tks-Mantis. That was literally one of the most dumbest ideas I've ever heard. He used to say how bethesda went ballistic on copying elements of Fallout 1 and 2. About the radiated monsters and currency and stuff like that.

It never bothered me too much as I thought bethesda was too scared to change too many things from original games as people may shout, "This ain't fallout game because Bethesda changed too many things." Clearly it backfired and I think it'd backfire in both ways. There's no way out for Bethesda.


Okay, I'm getting sidetracked here. What TKs-Mantis suggested was simply rip-off the original two Bethesda games to the very plot points… That's not story writing !! That's outright stealing. This would've been even more of a disaster. Now, I don't blame him for this. In his eyes the early fallout games influenced his imagination as they were so good.

TL;DR starts here (You can just start reading from here):

Now, How can you fix Fallout 3 and make it a much better version of itself. I wouldn't change any major or moderate plot point ever. Few simple steps could change a lots of things. Such as:

  1. Add more skill/SPECIAL/Karma/Perk checks in many of the conversations of the game.
  2. Completing certain mission will change how people will greet you in certain places. (Megaton, Big Town, Little Lamplight, Arefu, Rivet City etc.)
  3. Karma will change how people will greet you in general.
  4. Completing certain mission will effect certain other missions. (This can be limited to few side quests)

Due to a break, my brain went empty.. If I recall some more points, I'll add it.

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