fallout 4 alternate perk chart

fallout 5 - fallout 4 alternate perk chart

I made this perk chart while I was bored and thought I might as well post it to reddit. I haven't tested it or anything and don't plan to use it for anything but wouldn't mind some constructive criticism or some discussion cause I think it will be fun.(please don't feel like you should read the whole thing, just skim through if you want.


strong back


big leagues

iron fist


heavy gunner

Fury (rank 1 unarmed attacks are faster, rank 2 even faster ,

rank 3 20% chance for attacks to go extremely fast for 10seconds)

Iron giant (rank 1 10% for +2 endurance, rank 2 10% for +2



Pain train





Demo expert(rank 2 now gives molotvs more fire damage and damage

over time)

refactor (rank 115% more energy damage rank 2 50% more energy and a chance to absorb energy damage, rank 3

all absorbed energy damage now reflects back on the attacker and 75% more energy damage.)

sniper (rank 2 also can target enemies weapons in VATS knocking them out of their hand)

Penetrator (rank 2 has 25% chance to ignore all armour)

Concentrated fire


lone wanderer (effect now stronger the lower your Charisma)

local leader

lady killer/black widow(rank 1better prices with the opposite sex)

attack dog (rank 1 instead give dogma better stats, rank 3 lets you bond with dogmeat giving you 15% vats accuracy and plus 10% damage reduction)

charisma 4 (can't think of one give an idea in comments if you want)

party boy(rank 1 and 2 are are now both the 1 rank)

inspiration (rank 3 chance for companions ,-dogmeat , that gives -20% damage and +15% damage to you and your companion only works at max affinity)

wasteland whisperer (morphed into one rank instead of 3)




medic (rank 1 allows to make stimpacks and radways)

gifted learner (all actions give +5% exp per each level of intelligence.)

gun nut

hacker (gets all the perks of robotics expert minus the building)


science (gets all the building parts of robotics expert)


nerd rage

nuclear physicist (get rid of the radiation weapons perks)

un named 10 (rank 1 gives 5% more exp rank 2 makes actions give 30% less exp but quests 40% more)




mr sandman

action boy (added rank 3 can sprint without using action points)

on the move (rank 1 lets you sprint faster rank 2 even faster and rank 3 gives 50% less damage taken while spriting

ninja (rank 3 is 7 times bonus for melee instead of 10 times)

point n' shoot (all weapons take -20% action points in VATS rank 2 -40% less rank 3 your first VATS shot takes no action points)


gun fu



line em' up(every time you kill and enemy 10% chance for your clip to to need to reload ends after fight, rank 2 20% chance rank 3 30% chance and doesn't use up ammo while activated)

bloody mess

idiot savant (doesn't work above 5 intelligence)

better criticals (rank 3 15% chance for the critical not be used up when fired)

critical banker (10% chance to fill all available critical spots when a critical is banked)

rim reapers sprint

four leaf clover

lucky day (rank 1 25% chance for a random stat to increase for the fight rank 2 35% chance rank 3 in a fight all stats will increase by 2 can only be used once every 24 hours)

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