Fallout 4: Broken Mask – a prequel mod (F4 SPOILERS)

fallout 6 - Fallout 4: Broken Mask - a prequel mod (F4 SPOILERS)

Hello Fallout redditors – I've rarely posted on the site (I made a new account to post this before remembering I already had one), so bear with me if you can.

I considered posting over a year ago when I first dove into this idea, but I decided to keep quite while the concept was very far from solid. But considering I'm the only one plugging away at it right now, what's the worst that could happen? Famous last words.

Fallout 4: Broken Mask is a DLC-sized mod I've been tinkering with that aims to develop a brand new adventure within the Commonwealth, set nearly sixty years prior to the events of the base game, primarily concerning the unease and disarray before and after the oft-mentioned Broken Mask Incident, which revealed the existence of Generation 3 Synth replacements to the post-nuclear populace, in a time that preceded much of the bloodsoaked chaos on display in the base game.

The reason for pursuing this idea was from my (and many other Fallout 4 players) disappointment in the base game's comparatively underwhelming and inconsistent storytelling, roleplaying elements and lore – all in a large gameworld that I feel held incredible potential, and hopefully still does. The ultimate plan, instead of entering into a retcon-laden fantasy of what Fallout 4 could have been, is to provide the base game with the rich backstory and context that it deserved from the start, by expanding upon and the vague and passing details that were originally provided.

Although I've spent a lot of time trying to assemble a team of individuals local to me to get the mod off the ground and compose something of a pitch package to the community, this team has unfortunately not remained, though this wasn't unexpected. I've been puttering away alone in my free time since, primarily with regard to writing and conceptualizing characters and quests, since at the end of the day, I am a filmmaker by trade with no game development or modding background. That said, I have found my way around Creation Kit just enough to get some actual work started.


Here are a couple location screenshots: Imgur

Plus an introductory (AND FALLOUT 4 SPOILER-HEAVY) mod Bible for more details if interested: Google Drive

I also launched an admittedly premature Twitter page – less as a formal attempt to promote far too early, and more to see how the basic concept for the mod would be received (judging from the one response it got, opinion seems positive!). A couple teaser posters are on there too (purely photoshop work and not from anything as yet implemented): Twitter

This post isn't intended as an open call for modders and others to join the project's team, as I know that many are preoccupied with all the other large-scale mods for Fallout 4, Skyrim and others that are lightyears ahead of this one, are much more technically accomplished, and in less of an uncertain position developmentally. I myself finished five years of work on a feature film in 2018 – much of which was completed on my own – so I'm no stranger to seemingly endless and likely fruitless creative endeavors that are mostly worked on in solitude and for no financial gain.

My hope is more to get a brutally honest consensus from Fallout modders and the series' community on a whole as to A) whether or not there'd be real interest in such a mod, and B) if such a concept and its potential scale would even be feasible or worth attempting at all.

Anyways, that's all for now. Thanks for reading, and if I'm oblivious to anything that I should have added in this post, my apologies! I'm an old fart with most of these sites.

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