Fallout 4 companions ranked in order of how much I enjoyed romancing them

fallout 6 - Fallout 4 companions ranked in order of how much I enjoyed romancing them

First off, I've been looking at reddit for a while now without an account and finally made one to post this. So hey! First post! Let me know if I did anything wrong!

Just wrapping up my first playthrough and I flirted with just about everyone you can flirt with, sole survivor out here living her best life in the commonwealth, folks. So here's my ranking of romanceable companions based on how much I enjoyed romancing them, not necessarily how much I liked them (although there's some overlap).

Disclaimer: I never got to romance Paladin Danse since I did the Railroad's quest line and never got far enough down the brotherhood's path to do it.

6. Preston

Now I know disliking Preston is a bit of a meme, and I absolutely did not enjoy having him around, but his romance story was by far the least satisfying and most cringey thing they could've possibly done. His flat "Oh, thanks" in response to flirting the first time should have given away how awful it was going to be, but the eyes bulging "uhhhh" moment he has when you finally romance him had me cringing so hard it hurt. The line "If you're asking if I've ever thought about you…. romantically, the short answer is yes" had absolutely no emotions whatsoever, and then when you admit to loving him or being able to give it a try, he just says "You what? Really?" and the whole thing falls as flat as it possibly could. Maybe they never intended anyone to actually like him and want to romance him, and put absolutely no effort into it. Would not romance again.

5. Piper

On his first playthrough, my brother had Piper as the only companion he really traveled with, and his sole romantic companion, and after going through that, I can't fathom spending the whole game with her. Aside from how incredibly annoying she is at all times, after finishing up her romance, I was cringing so hard I sent her to the most remote settlement to get as far away from me as possible. Just how visibly shocked and awkward she is when you flirt with her is enough to make me want to stop right there, but the final scene really just made absolute sure that I had no interest in Piper whatsoever. She has the same problem as Preston, with awkward, cringey lines, like the masterpieces of "Oh I, I mean I'd be lying if I said I never thought of you that way… not that I'm always thinking that way" and "Perfect, huh? That's a… that's a new one" the only thing that puts her ahead is that there is at least any amount of emotion as she delivers them, unlike Preston's "couldn't care less" tone.

4. Curie

I didn't enjoy Curie all that much in general, in fact if I were just ranking all companions she'd be rather low on the list, potentially not even surpassing Piper just because of how uninteresting she is, but what puts her ahead here is the sheer number of times you can flirt with her. It's really an absolute delight that you can flirt with her sometimes several times in one conversation, with a grand total of a max 5 flirting opportunities, when everyone else only has 1 or 2. And how flustered she gets when you do is absolutely the best part. Responses like "And you, you are no help, with your teasing of poor little Curie," giggling and "No! I will not let you derail me!" Are really just delightful. However, there's wasn't much more to it than that, which is why she's in the middle here.


3. MacCready

First off, MacCready is absolutely my favorite companion personality wise. I remember first picking him up and traveling around with him, and as he's making sarcastic quips and whatnot, I just thought "Yep, this is the one." On top of that romancing him was really satisfying, and writing this, I had a lot of trouble choosing between him and the next one for the #2 spot, as they're very close. But MacCready being the hardened mercenary with a heart of gold transfers to romancing him very well. He tells you all about his wife who passed away, and how you've been just like she always was, a shoulder for him to lean on and someone he can trust fully. When he asks "Don't you still love your husband?" And I respond "Would it bother you if I still love him?" His response is one of my favorite bits of dialogue in the game. He says "We're two sides of the same coin aren't we?" Talking about how at some point he knows he has to move on, and says "We can still love them, and also love each other." Which is really poignant and was the sweetest, most genuine and loving thing and I really just have such a soft spot for this guy oh my god

2. Cait

I'm going to start this by saying that Cait is absolutely slept on, and was an incredibly enjoyable companion to travel with. She was the first one I romanced, so maybe she has a special place in my heart in that way, but I thoroughly enjoyed romancing Cait. When one time asking her thoughts and she said "We'd move faster if you kept your eyes on the road and off me arse" I knew it was going to be good, as well as another one where she says "I see how you're looking at me. Not saying I don't like it, just wanted to clear the air." Maybe I just like that there's no awkwardness, but I gotta say I genuinely laughed out loud when the romance option came up and my girl just spits out "I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU CAIT" it was wonderful. Then as it goes on, she says similar things as Piper did ("Why would you fall in love with someone as screwed up as I am?") But it seems much more genuine, and much more appropriate coming from someone like Cait. And then when the sole survivor says "You're special to me, and I don't think I'd be happier with anyone else" it's really just a special and genuine moment, and then somewhat bittersweet as Cait says "I promise, I mean to make the most of it" like she feels she still needs to prove to herself that she's worth it. It leaves room to work on and build up the relationship as you go on, (even if that's not really a mechanic in the game) rather than just "haha we're so happy now everything's perfect."

1. Hancock

Now I had seen a lot of fallout gameplay before I actually played it myself, and as I went through it, I felt absolutely cheated that I had seen nothing of Hancock, and was not expecting to like him as much I did. And when it came to romancing him, it was everything I wanted out of it. While every other companion is shocked when you first flirt with him, Hancock just laughs and says "Now that you mention it, I have been having slightly more impure thoughts than usual, maybe we'll get to act on those" and if only it were a thing in fallout where someone could wink at you, it would have been 110% perfect right there. And then when you drop the "Have you ever thought of us as more than just friends?" he says "Heh, it that obvious?" And then "Right now, this is exactly where I want to be. Come on love, let's get this freakshow on the road." I'm not sure what exactly about it makes it so satisfying. It's simple and to the point, without a hint of awkwardness, and fulfills on the reason I even wanted to romance any companions at all, which was for crude jokes and a laugh, which Hancock happily supplies. Although I enjoy some of the sweet, emotional conversations, Hancock was a breath of fresh air from all of that. And that's all there is to it, I suppose.

Thanks for reading all of this, let me know your thoughts! I would've liked to romance Nick (who, let's face it, it's an absolute tragedy that you can't) or Deacon, or hell even Strong (which I think would have been HILARIOUS).

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