Fallout 4 factions (spoilers)

fallout 4 - Fallout 4 factions (spoilers)

Everyone complains – but the choices are pretty clear if you pay attention to what civilians/members of the factions say.

I’ve heard people complain that they can’t beat the game solely with minutemen – but I also read giving Mama Murphy jet at the right time will tell you via the sight how to get into the institute. The game clearly pushes you to side with them at the very least to begin with. They’re morally the best choice and making the right choice/being a good leader comes at the cost of your free time. (Defending the people you pledged to help). They’re all willing to make and if you explore, you see have made sacrifices which helps explain their eccentricity in each regard. Their flaws are almost always due to poor leadership/organization which is why Preston urges you to take over so incessantly after proving you’re willing to risk your life to help those in need.

People complain about the institute because there aren’t radiant quests – why tf would you join the institute if you didn’t want to isolate yourself from the commonwealth? That’s their whole reason for existing – making things easy and as automated as possible. They literally make machines designed to kill special ops style (coursers obviously… or maybe gorillas) Also the kidnapping is explained by Shawn when he talks about why he was kidnapped from the vault and that the institute believes they’re helping people by taking them from a corrupt wasteland and trying to help their families by giving a synth replacement- this is at least the cover up. The real reason seems to be carrying out various test runs of things like genetically altered seeds that produce higher yields before the institute puts it into action in their safe haven – the Warwick quest for example. It’s basically your shamelessly evil play through and if you thought it was a good or even neutral choice wtf is wrong with you??


People complain about BoS for whatever reason but to me they’re the most straightforward- BoS is your typical jarhead numbnut experience where you’re basically on the opposite end of the horse shoe with raiders. Raw power, except the dominance is just subtle enough and their usefulness to the commonwealth is just vague enough politically to be accepted. Notice that raiders fight super mutants and ferals and beasts as well. The only difference is BoS won’t kill you on sight unless you make it apparent unless you want what they want too. Greedy racists who don’t really share their technology, similar to the institute in that regard although humans around may still benefit. But they will turn on humans too like in bunker hill or the power plant. Have fun I’ve never joined BoS but will eventually in a play through just to experience all storylines. Another evil play through in a more American fashion.

Finally people complain about the railroad because they “live in a cave” and are “underwhelming” but I think they’re based on the Underground Railroad, have tons of symbolism, and similar to the minutemen sacrifice their safety and comfort to help others. When I finally realized what the freedom trail was, being hellbent on figuring it out without a guide/internet, and realizing the lanterns left all over the map were them, the fact they sort of coincide with the minutemen but are more edgy and help in a different way – seriously cool fucking faction. They aren’t so much against helping people as they feel there’s a lack of people helping synths – if you join both Des is only disappointed it wasn’t the railroad who took out the institute and you can still work for them. They are the other “good” choice.

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s hard to be a leader. Criticize all you want but the answers are all there if you pay attention.

Next I’ll go the anarchy route. I fucking love this game still.

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