Fallout 4 isn’t a bad game….It just isn’t a good fallout game. | Change my mind:

fallout 2 - Fallout 4 isn't a bad game....It just isn't a good fallout game. | Change my mind:

And also wtf is up with bethesda having you look for "lost people" that isn't really lost ? (Except Fallout:NV)-Kinda

Fallout 3 – "Looking for your dad": He did what my dad and all black dads do but chose to do it a little later in life….Left your ass lololol

Fallout: New Vegas – "Looking for your killer": TBH this was the better of the 4 latest Fallout storylines but at the same time you're not from a vault or nothing you did involved a vault……which was supposed to be the basic premises of all Fallout games

Fallout 4 – "Looking for your son" Getting close to the end here boyos…..okay so, Bethesda rushed us into the storyline…and what i mean by that is we really don't have time to grow to like our spouse or our "son". Hell, I don't even like the MC and that's who we play with. (shouldn't have done the voice acting….trying to be to much like a mass effect) and the plot line was a horrible mess. Wayyyyy to linear. What happened to the freedom of choice ? Like in fallout 3 we could deliberately blow up our only lead of finding our dad and if we do all we get is "Continue the search for your Dad". No quest markers, No Obvious sign to tell you what to do…no nothing we literally had freedom of choice. That's gone and died with Fallout: New Vegas.


Fallout 76 – "Looking for the Overseer": Now I stopped playing this game for a number of reasons but the main thing I've yet to figure out is….Do you ever find this bitch? Her body? Her alive? Anything besides holotapes? And why YOU specifically had to be the only one "too drunk" to get up when the doors to the vault opened? And if Todd Howard said "Every person you see is a real person" or whatever why the hell is the vault empty then? With nobody else in it….i mean if every human was supposed to be a player then we ALL couldn't have had the same hangover and overslept to miss the opening of the vault. And on top of that no NPC's? NPC's is what makes 1/3 of the game tbh. It's Graphics, Gameplay, Story, and the Characters (NPC's). So who's idea was it to make an incomplete game and sell it? (I didn't buy it, A friend of mine did and I used his account to play). And if you bought the $200 dollar version of this game….the power armor edition or whatever tf it was….Actually fuck it, if you bought the ANY dollar amount version of this game then congratulations….you played yourself.

TL;DR – Fallout has a very common theme with looking for people….some less important than others lol. This was a side thought.

MAIN THOUGHT: Fallout 4 isn't a bad game, It just isn't a good fallout game.


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