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fallout 2 - Fallout 4 pros/cons

I recently gave f4 another go and I’m still a bit ambivalent but did enjoy a few features. So here’s a few balanced points. Which compare 4 to FNV


🔘Sprinting- great addition, F3/FNV it could be frustrating how slow one was. I like how it works with action points too.

🔘Looting- Great improvement, much quicker and improves fluidity. No annoying menus.

🔘Crafting- In general very fun being able to modify gun, I like to min/max for damage. However I think this was a factor that reduced weapon choice.

🔘Power armour- on the whole I think power armour was improved. I like how it feels more than just a cosmetic/DT thing. However I think it should be harder to obtain and requires training. The cores were a good idea to limit its use but then again I’ve got like 50 so that’s basically negligible.

🔘Gunplay- feels way nicer, recoil and sounds and bashing look sick.

🔘Animations- speaks for itself cast improvements

🔘i think i like how radiation reduces your health cap, nice and streamlined.


🔘weapon diversity- very disappointing, I feel that because of crafting that the devs reckoned there’d be less need for loads of cool and unique weapons, but nope. There’s like a million different pipe rifle configurations but who cares since they’re not viable past level 10.

🔘Dialogue, veryyy weak. One of my favourite parts of FNV was the funny/ horrible things you could say. All the dialogue choices are a bit lame and lack any real creativity.

🔘Characters- not very memorable. As an extension of the dialogue issue they all fall a bit flat and melodramatic. Didn’t get attached to any of them, not fussed it they live or die.

🔘BoS- yuck, they all seem a bit cringey tbh. Paladin danse is always chatting a load of rubbish about victory and that.

🔘Armour- same story as the weapons basically. Lack of interesting choices. In NV there were loads of interesting armour sets to choose from. In 4 it’s basically just raider or combat armour which look wank.

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🔘Raiders- they’re just bloody “raiders” like great. Creative. In NV they all had at least some identity, lore and motives. Vipers and jackals were fledgling shadows of once great gangs. Khans were tough jaded bastards with a bone to pick with the NCR. Fiends were fuckin cooked druggo cunts(my favourites) with cook-cook and all that lot. But f4 raiders just raid and have wank pipe rifles.

🔘Dumbing down of ammo- there’s way less ammo types. I loved all the different types in NV, AP HP, there was even reloading benches if you can be arsed. In f4 that was removed. Also there aren’t even any guns chambered in .50 which is stupid.

🔘Factions- They’re all a bit bland. Minutemen- annoying do gooders BoS- think they’re sick but are too extra Railroad- they like synths and do spy stuff.

🔘No skills- this is preference based but I like older style character building where I choose at the start basically who and what I want my character to be good at. Skyrim found a good middle ground with the developing as you go which was good. But f4 really jettisoned the RPG elements imo.

🔘perks- theyre all a bit boring and predictable. None of them seemed funny or allowed me to play in an interesting way. (Was there a cannibal perk? I dont remember).

I probably haven’t said owt that hasn’t been said before but I just had to vent it somewhere since my gf is sick of hearing about it.

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