Fallout 4 – Replaying value ?

fallout 7 - Fallout 4 - Replaying value ?

So, I've been playing Fallout 4 for a while.

Recently reached level 90, and with my current weapons/armor/etc. I'm essentially at the point where meeting a boss monster like a Legendary Mirelurk queen and such is mostly met with a feeling of "shame" while I destroy them in a few seconds.

I have finished the main quest (minutemen ending), all the dlc except vault 88 (I'm just tired of settlements) and far harbor (I don't want to destroy the children of atom but since I asked DIMA to admit his crimes it seems I'm railroaded in this path so I'm just leaving them alone for now). I probably missed quite a lot of sidequests, though.

So now I'm wondering if I should start over with a new character and if there is any point to this.

Like, when I started the game for the first time, I sort of assumed I would make four characters, one for each ending. And for each of them, I would specialize in a different kind of weapon and / or play style. But from what I've gathered, it doesn't really look like the faction you choose has such a big impact on your gameplay or on the story – it's mostly the ending that differs.

Thus, to any one who's played (and enjoyed) the game, I have a few questions to see if I should start a new character or keep this one for now :


– Are the main faction quests "worth it" ? Like, I have tried to roleplay as (what I consider to be) a good character, so I have never set foot on the BoS' airship, I mostly ditched the Railroad once I realized their idea of "saving" the synths was to mindwipe them (wtf), and my experience in the Institute ended after the Battle of Bunker Hill when I told my son he was insane. I know the minutemen are probably the "lightest" faction in term of quests, so am I missing a lot by not playing the other factions ?

– Is there a huge difference in gameplay between rifles or pistols or heavy weapons ?

– Is survival mode really fun ? Considering I am not exactly a great gamer and I had a lot of trouble at the beginning of the game, is it going to be frustrating for someone like me ?

– Or maybe I should install mods (I only really use the unofficial patch) ? Any good mod that radically changes the story and such ?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT : Considering some of the posts, maybe I should mention this is the first and only Fallout game I have ever played.

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