Fallout 4 (slightly modified) fan canon pt.1

fallout 2 - Fallout 4 (slightly modified) fan canon pt.1

So while I really do enjoy fallout 4, there has been an idea floating around inside my head to mess with the lore a little, (or a lot) particularly with the minutemen, the institute, and the railroad. My version of the Commonwealth follows somewhat like this: The beginning of fo4 is mostly the same, the bombs, the vault, Nate, Shaun’s kidnapping, and saving Preston. However, after Nate becomes the general, things start to change. As Nate starts rebuilding the Minutemen, he decides to make some changes to their design and structure. Before retaking the Castle, all new recruits report to the Red Rocket near Sanctuary as a small training base. Using his military experience, Nate turns these volunteers from farmers with rifles to a somewhat decent militia. My version of Nate also focuses of equipping his Minutemen with at least serviceable gear and weapons, ditching the flannel shirts and pipe guns for crude but decent machined weapons and dark blue or green uniforms. For a better idea of what I’m talking about, check out the mods, Militia rifle and crude blowback as well as the We are the Minutemen mod. They’ll still have leather armor and laser muskets, (for now) but having a small force of decently trained, clothed, and equipped militia would help make things much easier for our General. As he continues with the Minutemen quest line he decides to employ Sturges as his head engineer, using his skills to research more effective weapons, repairing and repurposing prewar vehicles and equipment, and reconnecting the Minutemen radio network. After a few months of fighting raiders, gaining settlements, and training recruits he eventually comes open Danse’s recon team while traveling to Diamond City. Although cautious, Nate agrees to provide aid to Danse with a Minutemen patrol squad. I should also mention the Minutemen’s current progress at this point, the Minutemen currently have about 7 settlements giving them full support, with others asking for aid. Sturges has figured out how to reactivate old prewar cars, provided they’re in decent enough condition, giving them fast motorized support. This vastly decreases their response times and they’ve also begun armoring some of their cars for infantry support. Minutemen squads consist of 8 to 10 with a squad leader (smg), marksmen (hunting rifle), support gunner(assault rifle), 2 team leaders (combat rifles), and 4 riflemen (militia rifles and laser muskets). The Minutemen should have some basic infantry equipment at least, ammo webbing, backpack, water can, and leather armor and their uniforms should give a volkssturm vibe to them. With the General and his squad Danse easily reclaims the radio transponder needed for Cambridge station. This however, displeases Nate and makes him wary of further Brotherhood developments, however he does not show this to Danse, who offers him membership to the brotherhood, which Nate takes, to acquire further information about them. Events continue as in the normal lore, arriving in DC, saving Nick, hearing about the Railroad, and looking for Kellog. After killing Kellog and finding out Shaun is in the Institute, the Prydwen arrives and Nate hears Danse’s radio broadcast. With things being mostly calm for now Nate goes to Cambridge to find Danse. He decides to serve alongside the Brotherhood for awhile, completing missions, finding information, and building a friendship with Danse. Meanwhile Nate leaves Preston with the task of capturing the corevega factory to reclaim and produce more vehicles for the militias, and during this mission discovers a previously unknown vault in the area. After successfully opening the doors they discover the vault is full of perfectly preserved, prewar military vehicles and equipment. Furthermore, they find out that the vault is one of 13 other hidden vaults, all full of military, civilian, scientific, and Industrial equipment, with their locations vaguely hinted by the vault overseer’s terminal they relay this information back to the General. Apparently these vaults are all part of the former local gov’t secret project called, “Operation Reformation” with this news Nate temporarily leaves the Brotherhood, and returns to Sanctuary, now the current headquarters of the Minutemen, which has experienced a rapid reconstruction and population growth, quickly rivaling that of the Great Green Eyesore. Having successfully completing his capture of the factory and securing the vault, Preston relays this information to Nate and suggests that now may be the time to reclaim their old stronghold, the Castle. Nate agrees with Preston, telling him to gather 3 full squads and an armored car and to meet him at the Castle. Once their forces were amassed they commenced their attack, which goes successfully, Nate killing the mirelurk queen himself with his brotherhood power armor and mini gun. After retaking the castle Nate tells Preston that it is absolutely vital that they find those vaults before the Brotherhood or the institute, and for that their going to need allies, allies who happen to specialize in information gathering and reconnaissance. The Railroad.


Pt.2 will come out depending on this little fan story’s reception. Hope you like my little retelling of Fallout 4’s slightly lackluster lore.

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