[Fallout 4] Supply Line Strategy?

fallout 2 - [Fallout 4] Supply Line Strategy?

Playing through Fallout 4 again after taking a very long break, and I've just gotten to the point where I've taken The Castle and have gotten the ability to create Artillery. I have about 8 settlements so far, and I've not yet set supply lines. I've been doing some research about how supply lines work, and I've been putting more thought into how I want the supply lines to work compared to my last playthrough when the game first came out. Back then, I didn't put much thought into the supply lines, and just sent a settler to the closest settlement I could find. This time, I'm trying to think of a better way to do them, that would make more sense and would allow me to actually see my provisioners once in a while while I'm out and about in the Commonwealth.

After watching Oxhorn's video about supply lines and how he chose to do them, (See here:

) I think this is a decent way to do them, if you don't mind a bit of a mess on your screen when checking supply lines. I'm probably going to do what he did, and use the Mechanist's Lair as the main hub for provisioners to go to, and I will also create a robot provisioner for each of my settlements. This would allow me to see my provisioners much more often in the world, since they'd all be going to and from the same place towards the middle of the map and going off in all directions to get to the other settlements.

I will also have some human provisioners, but I will most likely only have a few for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that the Commonwealth can be a dangerous place, and I would much rather have a robot provisioner be on the road than a human settler. Since you blow up the Institute, a big chunk of the map becomes severely irradiated, but that won't be a problem for a robot. Secondly, some settlements are very far away from the Mechanist's lair, and it would make sense that those far away settlements wouldn't be able to reasonably send anyone, and having a robot provisioner would greatly improve the efficency and speed at which people could get supplies (Not from a gameplay standpoint, of course. this is just me thinking way too hard about the lives and feelings of a bunch of code on my screen, haha.)

When I do have human settlers, they would be characters such as Jake Finch, who would probably jump at the opportunity to get away from home for a while and see the world, or maybe the Vault Tech Rep, or some other character that I could rationalize being a provisioner.

Anyway, that's just what I'm thinking about doing, what do you guys think of this strategy? What do you guys have in your own settlements? I'd love to hear it, or see some screenshots!

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