Fallout 4 Survival Mode: Why I play it with mods.

fallout 4 - Fallout 4 Survival Mode: Why I play it with mods.

Namely, manual saves, VATS fix, and console enabled.

Currently finishing Automatron and I encountered that bug — the one where if you shoot the robots down off the conveyor belts the fight never ends. I sat there patiently for about five minutes listening to the Mechanist tell Sparky something about using the Tesla Coils before I reasoned that my game might be bugged. Thank goodness there are a few beds you can save in throughout this massive dungeon, but you have to get through a swarm of robots that can OHK you to even reach them. If I didn't have console enabled to skip to the next stage of the quest, I would have had to do the entire thing over again, which just isn't fun.

As a side note, the fight is over now, but the little animation where the mechanist's room opens up never played (I had to no clip inside to talk to the Mechanist). Is there a way to trigger that animation outside of the script (Sparky is also still alive in this alternate timeline — Sparky makes the Mechanist and Piper go hostile btw)? Also, the "epic boss fight music" is still playing… and playing… and playing. I restarted my game and it won't go away. It even followed me to the Prydwyn. Turning the radio on pauses it, but as soon as I turn the radio off it comes back.


I really like the disease, food, sleep, and water mechanics. The reduced carryweight is a tad annoying in a game that's all about resource hording, but there are ways around it. The damage scaling is fine too, namely the fact that player damage isn't reduced by 75% like Skyrim's "legendary" difficult. There are "fewer" bullet sponge enemies, but it still feels like you have to shelf spam to level 20 in Sanctuary just to have fun in the early game. I've gotten to the point where I die far less often than once per level, but when I do die, it is such a to get back to where I was — especially if it's like glitching out and falling through the overpass.

Oh yeah, speaking of glitching out, I just remembered another thing — VATS CRASHES ON SURVIVAL! Losing an hour of progress because didn't consider what would happen if you got sick or became hungry/thirsty/tired while in VATS is the thing about this mode.

TL;DR – Fallout 4 feels like an incomplete game without survival mode, but it really needs some mods to fully enjoy it. Feel free to tell me to in the comments section below. Radscorpions spawning inside Hangman's Alley btw — I'd like to see anyone survive that at level 15 when they're caught by surprise outside of power armor.

P.S. I don't know what I did to upset the delete bot but I've gone back and censored anything that might trip it up.

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