Fallout 4 – The Missing Katelyn Alden – Partial solution… looking for additional help

fallout 3 - Fallout 4 - The Missing Katelyn Alden - Partial solution... looking for additional help

On my second play through of Fallout 4, this time in survival mode, after reaching Nukaworld and first witnessing the conversation btw Katelyn and Shank, I then saw her again inside the Nukaworld market and had the convo with her there about how she's been acting as Shank's spy in the Commonwealth. As in this play through I'm being partially evil and completing all the Nuka gang quests before I go back to good and murder them all, I told her to continue doing as she's doing. She nodded and we went back to doing our business…

She then disappeared. I first assumed that she simply wandered off to go spy or whatever, but this being gone thing lasted over an entire in game month. I visited the market nearly everyday, if not every day. I did some research online and determined that a fair number of other players have had her permanently disappear and various methods were given to folks to bring her back. Nearly all of these postings were from 2016 or thereabouts. None appeared to work for the people posting, but I tried them anyway, and they failed.

Here's what I discovered… the refid for Katelyn is xx01e309, where xx is dependent on which DLCs you have loaded. Normally it will be either 00 or 06 (assuming no or all DLC's respectively I believe). For me 06, so since this is hexidecimal and you can skip leading zeroes, 601e309 should be her id. In theory you can use moveto or disable/enable commands and bring her back. These were the recommendations for most of the 2016 'solutions.' That didn't work for me. What I noticed is that she has a parent id, which I believe means that she is linked to some other refid in the system, in this case 0602a28, which owns both her and her brahmin (which is 0602a27). To get her to reappear, you can type in 602a28.enable and both she and the brahmin will reappear back in the area next to the brahmin stalls. You can then converse with her, trade with her, etc.

However, this is a partial solution only, at least for me. Each time I return, she's gone. I believe that the game either burped when told her to continue doing as she's doing, or telling her to continue spying makes her disappear, or potentially there was some off keystroke during the conversation and I exiled her or the game thought I exiled her. You can use the 'showvars' command on each of the above 3 refid's to see what sorts of variables are attached to anything in the game. The parent id (602a28 for me) has none, and not surprisingly, the brahmin (602a27) does not either. Her personal refid, 602e309, does however.


I'm not a scripter, so I'm hoping someone with some knowledge of same inside Fallout 4 might be able to lend a hand and interpret:

One line, beneath "DLC04:DLC04_AssaultTrader_Script:"

reads DLC04_AssaultTrader_Start const = DLC04_AssaultTrader_Start (06056CA9)

Another, beneath "DLC04:DLC04StopFightingScript:"

reads Ungrouped Auto Properties: DLC04MO05 const = DLC04MO05 (06000805)

And finally, another section reads:

Actor:Script state – ""No auto propertiesVariables:No variables— Papyrus – Alias KatelynAlden on Quest DLC04DialogueSettlement (0601AABF)No papyrus scripts attached.

I think that the first two relate to some crazy player deciding to assault the vendors in the market in Nukaworld, and potentially a way to stop fighting. Not useful. I believe the third though referencing the actor may relate to a hidden 'quest' re: the conversation that the player has with her. That 601aabf is not a refid for an object, as prid can't target it. However, querying the stage of it as a quest works. For me, getstage 601aabf returned the value 1030. Using the command to show all command stages, that's sqs 601aabf, returned a whole host of lines with either (done) or (notset) and the stages. I think that in this hidden conversation quest, that each answer you give 'sets' one of the quest stages, so it appears likely that one of these got set in such a manner, probably the last one for me at 1030, that makes her unavailable unless you enable her. In computer speak, I believe that having the 1030 stage on this potential conversation quest sets her to disabled, and without changing that quest stage, she can be enabled only temporarily using the enable command. Ergo, I believe to permanently return Katelyn to the game, I need to unset 1030 and set some other stage has "done."

I don't want to blow up my game however, so is there a script expert out there that can determine which stage of the quest 601aabf is likely the one that disables her and which should be the one that results in her being available in the market from the point you have the conversation? Does anyone have any ideas on any alternate solutions?


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