Fallout 4 the vault 111 bug that makes it where the vault doesnt open!!!!! Caused by Creation Club Also other content that causes bugs

fallout 1 - Fallout 4 the vault 111 bug that makes it where the vault doesnt open!!!!! Caused by Creation Club Also other content that causes bugs

So i didnt know if anyone has figured out the vault 111 bug that causes the vault door to not open. Which is a big game breaking bug. Come to find out this is cause by the creation club content. ( what do you know not Bethesda content that cause bugs lol)

I am also adding about the other Creation club content that causes game breaking bugs as well that are widely known about.

I downloaded the " Pint-Sized Slasher" content the other day and started a new survival play through. Went through the whole beginning just to get to the vault door and it wont open. So i thought it was a mod. Went through and disabled some mods and nothing still the same outcome. So i then decided to go in to my fallout 4 data folder and i took out the pint sized slasher content and bam the vault door opened.

So as of right now there are four potentially game breaking bugs in the fallout 4 creation club content. Here is a list of content that you might not want to download.

  1. The Pint sized slasher —- Causes vault doors to not open. Also cause the vault doors to lock and freezes the game if you try to enter othe vaults through out the game, like vault 111 to go back and get the cyrolator if you disnt do the dogmeat glich. ( this happens if you have downloaded the content after the Vault 111 exit) ( also if you use console commands to get out of the vault you will now have the use of VATS.)

  2. Tunnel Snakes Content — Cause the quest with codsworth at the beginning of the game to not work. Codsworth will ask you to search the neighborhood and will never move from his location. ( if you use console commands it will just continue to break the other quest. It will end up breaking the quest where you have to fight the radiers outside of the Museum of Freedom.)

  3. Horse power armor Content — Not really sure about this one. I downliaded this and the pint-sislzed slasher at the same time so i decided to just take both of those out of my data folder.

  4. The Astronaut Power Armor and gun Content. Im not to sure about this one either but when i was researching about the codsworth and the MOF Radiers not showing up because of the tunnel snakes content it said to take this one out as well.

Numbers 3 and 4 ive read once you finish the beginning quest and get preston to sanctuary you can reinstall the tunnel snakes and the astronauts power armor.

The horse power armor let me know if anyone had problems with this because like i said i downloaded that at the same time as the pint sized slasher and thats why i took both of them out. The vault doors opened fine and havent had anymore problems.

Just wanted to get this out there because ive seen alot of youtube videos and stuff about the vault 111 bug and nobody could figure it out. So if your having that issuse go to you fallout 4 data folder and remove the 3 files for the content

Pint size slasher ( i think these are the files. Dont have PC in front of me right now) Pint.esp Pint.main ba2 Pint.textures ba2

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