Fallout 4 theory : Billy the kid is actually lying.

fallout 2 - Fallout 4 theory : Billy the kid is actually lying.

This theory I've came up with recently so it's probably not that good but I'll try my best to explain what's on my mind. There are some spoilers if you didn't play the "Kid in a fridge" quest.

Billy the kid claims that he survived in a fridge for 200 or so years. That means he ran out of food and water pretty early.

From what I've found and heard ghouls need food and water to survive.

In Fallout 1, if you steal the ghouls' water chip and do not repair their water pump, the ghouls will die of thirst.

In Fallout New Vegas, the ghoul Harland claims to live off radroach and condensation, implying that ghouls need food and water to survive.

However this kid says he survived in the fridge for 200 years without it. What if he is lying?

As we can see the fridge is rather close to his parents house. We can also notice that Bullet is wandering around and willing to buy the kid. Coincidence? I think not.

After some time thinking how could Billy survive 200 years without food or water I've realised one thing. What if he is lying? What if Billy hid in the fridge to hide from someone, for example Bullet or a slaver working for Bullet? That would explain why Bullet is wandering around.

Billy hides in the fridge and realises he is stuck. After some time he gets either thirsty or hungry and begs anyone for help. Of course going into a risk. Seeing the sole survivor Billy says the lie that he was there for 200 years and needs help to find his parents house. Why lying? The reason is simple, armored escort. Even if the Sole Survivor sends Billy off, he can possibly later visit his parents /go back.


When the Sole Survivor escorts Billy back home his parents are surprised that he is alive, and explain to him that they are ghouls.

My explanation is that they probably prepared this conversation before. If Billy gets lost or something similar and stumbles upon someone friendly or so, just play the role of the 200 years old kid that survived, in this case in a fridge. As we can see people aren't really informed about ghouls (If you sell Billy to Bullet and try to negotiate a better price(I'm not 100% sure) , Bullet will say that ghouls don't need water or food to survive.

My explanation is that he is just not well informed about ghouls.).

In the end of the quest Bullet will say he wants the kid. After passing a difficult speech check the Sole Survivor says that the kid isn't there, that they left in a hurry. This can mean that Bullet probably wanted the kid already before the Sole survivor appeared and his parents probably hid him in that fridge / send him to hide somewhere (and in panic he could hide in the fridge). Of course with prepared dialogue if he finds someone that could help him.

But the other option is that Bullet just followed them.

The fact that Billy isn't surprised that he is a ghoul (even if he claims that he didn't saw the sunlight for a long time) add to my theory that Billy can be lying.

Of course this is just a theory.. A game theory. It can be wrong.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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