Fallout 4 Theory: Lead Writer of Fallout 4 Responded!

fallout 1 - Fallout 4 Theory: Lead Writer of Fallout 4 Responded!

Video Summarizes these points and more

Ok I thought of this when i actually sat down and wondered how the hell its possible for people like Vadim and Yefim, to speak Russian, AND heavily accented English, because heavy accents like that are only acquired when someone is a foreigner trying to speak a language that wasn't their first…

I originally though Bethesda just hadn't considered the ramifications of a "Russian Accent" In the United States, but then it donned on me…What if it had been planned?

I made a Video on the subject

and it covers the subject more in depth because there is actually quite a bit of evidence to support this theory

Evidence 1: If the United States government survived through some form in the Enclave..well, it only makes sense that other governments like China and the USSR would've survived as well. If a Soviet Enclave had survived…it would definitely want to spy on the United States, as is made evident by the fact that they spied on them before the great war, and would certainly want to know if the two factions that blew up the world, were alive

Evidence 2: Russia, also wasn't the main enemy of either the United States or China, meaning they would've most likely not been directly targeted for destruction the same way the Us or China would have been.


Evidence 3: Vadim and Yefim MOST LIKELY started their espionage journey in the Capital Wasteland as is made evident by the fact that Vadim Knew Mccready and Lucy, however was unaware that she died on the way up to Boston from DC

Evidence 4: Vadim and Yefim would've headed to the Common Wealth in search of the institute after hearing about it from Mr.Zimmerman in Fallout 3…he was not silent about the institute and its advancements.

Evidence 5: Vadim and Yefim never admit how they got the bar…Id wager expensive real estate like that doesn't come cheap, and they most likely landed it with the help of a heavy investment from the Soviet Government, who most likely have access to resources that rival if not exceed the Brotherhood and Enclave of the United States…

Evidence 6: Vadim has ALOT of dialogue that REEKS of suspicious motives, his cheery attitude being a facade to extract info from customers (Detailed in the video


Theres WAAAY more evidence to back this up, but Ill leave the rest for the video to explain for all of those who find this topic interesting!

Emil Pagliarulo Responded! https://twitter.com/Dezinuh/status/1170748533617647616?s=20

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