Fallout 4: Which Faction is Truly Best for The Commonwealth?

fallout 4 - Fallout 4: Which Faction is Truly Best for The Commonwealth?

I’m at that point in Fallout 4 where I have to decided which faction will come out on top and cease control of the Commonwealth. However I am feeling a little bit stuck since I’ve done all of the endings but have never really decided which one was for the greater good. Here’s what I’ve gathered from each faction (please correct me if I get something wrong).

Minutemen: A group that is devoted to helping the small settlements of the Commonwealth. They’re generally good and open minded people, allowing every settlement to live as they please as long as it’s ethical. However, they are not a big or really a controlled faction. Sure, you’re the general but you nor anyone really has an established set of rules. It’s just “defend this settlement and it’s people” and that’s about all it has going for it. They let everything happen if they feel it is good. (If you side with them they kill all of the synths but evacuate the scientists.)

Railroad: A rebellion that is against the treatment of synths. They believe that synths are just as human as us and should be treated as so. They help synths run away from the institute and give them new identities. A truly noble cause. However, they don’t really have an idea for the future of the Commonwealth, just for synths. Also, synths can be a bit tricky. They could start a war and try to turn everyone into synths. One became a raider leader so it could lead them to bring more trouble. Not to mention if an emp goes off they will most likely shut down, possibly losing their memory or even never starting back up. (If you side with them they kill the scientists and free the synths.)


BoS (Elder Maxon’s rein): A military that is dedicated to collecting pre-war artifacts and technology, preventing it form falling into the wrong hands. They have the tools and powers to keep not only the Commonwealth safe, but the rest of the wasteland. They’re making sure there is no possibility of a nuclear devastation and causing the wasteland to go back to square one. However, they are extremely close minded. They disapprove of anything that isn’t human or from before the war, no matter what. They are a little like Nazis in a way. They want a brighter future but if they see something they don’t consider to be or don’t think is should be a living thing, it will get mowed town. Danse dedicated his life to the BoS and did everything they ask, no question about it. He was a high ranked soldier but the second he was discovered to be a synth, you are ordered to put him down, no ifs or buts. (If you side with them they kill everyone involved with the Institute.)

The Institute: A group of scientists that went underground (without vault-tecs help) to escape the bombs and harsh life of the wasteland. They also want what’s best for the Commonwealth and to make life up there healthier and easier. They grow healthy plants and make cures for diseases, even being able to reverse the effects that made super mutants. They have the technology, brains and safety to do so. However, the word “mercy” isn’t in their vocabulary. They will perform experiments on anything, and they don’t care how painful it is, as long as it gives them results. They treat synths and other creatures not deemed as “normal” like garbage. They also don’t believe that the wasteland and its people have no hope. Let’s not forget that they have been kidnapping people and putting them in shallow graves and then replacing them with their synths. Their ways of collecting data are far from ethical. Shaun releases you from cryo sleep just to see how long you would last and how you would react to the wasteland, not because he wanted to see you. (If you side with then then both the Railroad and the BoS will fall and a lot of people will be upset at you.)

So there you go. Sorry if I got a few things wrong, don’t be afraid to correct me. Sorry if there are any typos or misspellings, I wrote this on a mobile device.

Which faction is truly best for the Commonwealth and it’s future?

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