Fallout 4’s story should have been more like Fallout 4:Dream on YouTube.

fallout 2 - Fallout 4’s story should have been more like Fallout 4:Dream on YouTube.

I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years since Fallout 4 came out. I remember the excitement I had when I saw the first trailed. I wanted to be immersed in the collapsed Americana world of the Common Wealth. I honestly didn’t mind a voiced protagonist because I am a big fan of the Mass Effect franchise. While I enjoyed my hours of my time through the main story, settlement building, and DLC. I couldn’t help feel that Fallout 4’s core was missing something. On a side note I believe Far Harbor was the best thing that came from Fallout 4, I’ll explain later. Years go by, I finish the amazing Witcher 3 in 2017 summer then I see a video by the name Fallout 4: Dream by Pandamic. Holy smokes I was hyped for something that didn’t even exist. The 8 minute capture what I love about the Witcher 3, the morally gray world with tough decisions, and put it into fallout. Nate becoming an ideal survivor slowly turning corrupt by the brutality of the commonwealth, pushing away friends and loved ones because of his own self hatred. That was the story Fallout 4 needed to have. Fallout 4 was about a man/woman looking for his son in the world they knew was upside down. Kellogg was the foil to the sole survivor. A family man turned corrupt. Kellogg could be the sole survivor’s future if we didn’t push back against it. At least that’s what Fallout 4: Dream portrayed. In Fallout 4 and it’s DLCs, sure you have the Institute and Nuka World raiders to be considered morally gray or evil, but it’s not overt or even trying to make you question your morality. The institute still raids settlements after you become the Director. You don’t get to challenge this or embrace this behavior seeing it as the force for good in a grand manner. Only Warwick homestead and the Far Harbor DLC do you question whether replacing someone for the greater good is right. Unless you overtly kill people for whatever reason, you can’t really dive in to seeing Nora/Nate being affected by the common wealth. Maybe brutally executing raiders or dissidents would have been a nice option. Also murdering someone doesn’t get your companions pissed right away like in Dream. Look I’m not hating on Fallout 4, I’m sure some of the things above I said could be debated or wrong, but isn’t it wishful thinking to hope for a Fallout game with a more complex story with debatable choices and lasting decisions on characters like in the 8 minute video Fallout 4: Dream?


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