Fallout 5 and what I think would be cool to see

fallout 3 - Fallout 5 and what I think would be cool to see

I wanted to ask the community what would you like to see in fallout 5 now that you've had a chance to play 76.

In my honest opinion, I'm hoping Fallout 5 where ever Bethesda locates it begins on it right now and works on it for the next 5 years or decade. They've had some good ideas in 76 like C.A.M.P and some of the monsters but not the skyrim dragon named scorch beast. so I'll post on what I would enjoy seeing in Fallout 5 and what I feel the game needs to be a great RPG game.

Fallout 5 should have:

  • Brand new factions and brand new enemies
  • If they decide to put the poster child a.k.a The Brotherhood of steel. They should go with the circle of steel (if you don't know who they are wiki them) and they shouldn't be a major faction in Fallout 5, They should be well hidden and very hard to join faction and their missions to you should be suicidal at times and that is only if you do make contact with them. Each member in that little squad should be fleshed out plus have some aspect of Fallout Van buren in them.
  • It should be in uncharted territories like Oklahoma or any state in the middle btw I live in Argentina.
  • They shouldn't depend on the player as much as they did in 4 and by that I mean settlement building all around the map and only having Diamond City and Good Neighbor as the only "fleshed out" cities, I put that in quotes because even then the towns and its people barely have any engaging quests, I love settlement building but I hate that the settlers are called settlers and have the same generic lines plus without mods the settlement building materials just aren't good. In 76 I love how they made C.A.M.P that little fleshed out device was good
  • The Vaults and the pip-boy, I liked how in new vegas you weren't a vault dweller and yet a friendly old man heals you up and gives you his old pip-boy and vault-suit since your practically a naked, piss-poor sap, with not even a bottle cap to his name, that to me gave me a fresh start to the game, while still keeping with the traditional vault suit and pip-boy. What i mean by that is that in the next installment you should come across an old worn down pip-boy and should find components to make it work so in the mean time your stuck fighting without using vats, so when you do use it, it makes it more enjoyable.
  • "People are complicated, we're not simple". More dialogue options determined by your specials and skills should come back with traits because it's what makes fallout an rpg. For example if your a dummy, if your a genius, or a tech savvy engineer,a suave or terrifying person, etc. You get where I'm going with this. I don't want to pass a speech check for having my charisma high, depending on what I do in the environment and which faction I choose I should get different dialogues and different treatments. But I also would like to see one or two black and white faction as in "We believe we are doing the right thing and everybody else is in the wrong kill them or get the f- out", but I don't want that way of thinking in every faction. Hell I want to be able to finish the game without joining and or fighting anybody.
  • Ron Perlmen should always be the narrator, he is a classic and his "War, War never changes" is just awesome to hear from his voice".
  • Creatures: I would love to see screwed up and down right gross creatures in the next installment and other types of ghouls like in fallout 1. Ferals in Fallout 4 nailed it because they still give me chills in my honest opinion but the non-feral ghouls with black eye's and how they look didn't do it for me at all, I loved how seth looked in fallout 1 that is why I mentioned F1. I would like to see a hive mind type of creature who have achieved sentience and make them like super eerie as in depending on what you do they will begin to follow you and track your movement and try to kill you or worse make them feel like the boogeymen and as time went by people talk about them like if they are a myth, and each story you heard makes you shutter at the idea of encountering one of them. Two humans beings merged together practically deformed and are always in agonizing pain (There shouldn't be a lot of them). Lizard people living in a sewer settlement esque town and once you confront them they turn out to be just mutated and misunderstood humans who have retained their minds and are just trying to live in peace.
  • As for the environment I don't really care about the seasons but each location should give off a different vibe plus morning and nights should make you feel some sort of way when you decide to go adventuring or do a quest depending on where you are and how dangerous it is, Towns could either be safe, or a no-mans land where if your not careful you could die and nobody will come to your aid, and not every building will be secured so if you go inside a building in a not well established shanty town you might be in for surprise.Destroyed old ruins could house enemies as well as damned souls that have no where else to go. Not having let's say raiders in one block and in the next block a pack of feral ghouls cause lets be honest they would be dead or sleeping with one eye open. You should feel a different type of way when you are in a new location either you stay and want to explore out of curiosity or you want to get the F-out.
  • Factions shouldn't feel plain and boring, The faction should give you a reason to why you would even consider helping them and vice-versa, We see a lot of that in all the fallout games but 4 being the weakest and 76 well I consider 76 non-canon in my book. They should be Interesting and complex in the reason as to why they formed there group and also simple factions should exist which by that I mean you could infer they grouped up together because strength in numbers and in the location does matter. In this expect I liked F1,2,3 and new vegas factions.
  • A really solid story and a theme and by that I don't mean like "Robots", "caves and dragons", no no I mean actual fleshed out themes that will make the foundation of a great story and how to pull everything in that world together to make it an enjoyable experience.
  • Graphics, I never understood why Modders could make better graphics then the actual developers of the game?. As in New vegas, Fallout 3 and 4 vanilla graphics are kind of bad but in hindsight new-vegas and fallout 3 are old games unlike 4 and 76 which the latter it seems they fall flat on their face. I would of hired these modders like the one who made NAC as an example.
  • Gamplay over all I think they are going in a good direction since it was fun in fallout 4 and with each installment it gets better.

Why would there not be super-mutants well because We shouldn't see Super mutants everywhere throughout the wastelands cause it makes no sense lore-wise, I know some might get pissy about the lore and why would it matter but just hear me out, lore in fallout is incredibly important and should be respected because that's what hooks you and keeps you invested in an RPG element. Fallout 4 could've actually been an amazing game, the game-play mechanics were good better than 3's and new Vegas, but the story was weak and faction interaction story wise was weak its like " Hey I lost my son" "oh no I'm so sorry to hear that but could you go and teach a squire the ropes, or go back into our old base to get something we lost" also here is why: Past Fallout games excluding 3 you were set off on a quest and along the way you would make your mark on the world by making allies with a certain faction and enemies with others, You had much more liberty to play as your own person and make your own decisions, You weren't forced to be a father and you weren't forced to go looking for your son to advance the story. That to me took a lot of the rpg element not including the dialogue which many people have criticized as "Yes" "Sarcastic Yes", "No but yes" and "Maybe" they stupefied it for no apparent reason other than "less is more" which it wasn't in this case, less was actually less in general.


New Vegas on the other hand nailed the story aspect of an RPG approach but suffered from the same game-play mechanics of fallout 3. I know many people will hate New Vegas for a multitude of reasons, but they had little time to make the game and if it was buggy it was probably because it was rushed. Fallout 4 is still buggy and laggy in the commonwealth area and if you don't use mods the frame rate goes down a lot and to me it frustrates me to no end. In fallout 3 they went ballsy with many things like the EC BoS were a rogue faction cut off and left to die by the WC BoS since lyon decided to do what he felt was right and not the mission. The Enclave shouldn't have had that much military force since they suffered a fatal blow by the chosen one in F2 so they should have been much obscure and disorganized I could see a different vision for them being in the capital wasteland and why they would need your help and I could go on but I would like to see what you guys think, keep it civil in the comments

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