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Now that the semi-okay Fallout 76 is out, I figured I'd discuss what I think should be explored in the next single player entry, Fallout 5. I'm highly doubtful any of the game will be anything close to what I'd like for it, but I'm going to throw in the idea anyway.

First off, I think it should be centered around a plot similar to Fallout 76, finding nuke codes. Set in the year 2375, 2 years before the Vault 101 PA system estimated habitability on US soil. Your characters story should start off as a Scientist for a Vault, with the main quest line starting when the character discovers the (now rebuilt) Vault-Tec plans to launch nukes from several silos in the hopes that more people will flee to vaults, thus giving them the ability to perform more experiments. Once your character discovers this diabolical plot, you go on a journey to find launch codes before they do. Now, the main factions will include, fan favorite Enclave, Vault-Tec (as an actual faction), a communist ghoul faction, and the institute. The two (semi)-good factions are the Enclave and The Institute, previously thought as villains. Both the institute and the enclave have the same motives, with the minor difference being enclave wants to protect themselves over everyone else. The communist ghoul faction and the Vault-Tec faction also have similar motives, launching the nukes. Enclave & Institute will be enemies with commies and Vault-Tec, but never with each other. Now, as you can expect, the games ending has 4 directions based on which faction you choose, Enclaves will be destroying Vault-Tec's new HQ, and preventing the nuclear launch, Institute will be destroying Vault-Tec HQ, and managing their vaults with synth staff. Vault-Tec will be launching the nukes, and tapping into radios across the USA to get people into the vaults. Communists will be destroying all factions, and launching the nukes.

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Fallout 5 should be the 2nd to the last chapter, the final chapter centered around who launched the nukes first during the great war

I'm not someone who can make a game, but if a modder wants to make the next best major mod like Cascadia, let me know, this is something I'm passionate in and I would love to make it a reality.

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