Fallout 5 Ideas and Location

fallout 5 - Fallout 5 Ideas and Location

Fallout 5 Ideas, and Location

Philadelphia would be a great place to set the next fallout. Being one of oldest cities would give the developers a large spectrum to work with. Ginos and Pat's Cheesesteak’s, Philadelphia Art Museum, The Liberty Bell, South Street, Boathouse Roe are among some of the many places that are part of the city. There are so many different landmarks that there would be no shortage of content and many different areas to explore. This would be the perfect location for the next fallout game.

The story line could be based around the idea that the main character (MC) “The Diplomat" tries to fight an opposing Vault based on an experiment gone wrong by Vault-Tech. The MC could try and get the Brotherhood/ Raider Faction/Super Mutant and Ghoul Faction/ (Other Factions) to rally to fight the opposing Vault. Vault 100 would be the vault that the diplomat comes from. The experiment would be to see what would happen if two vaults would go head to head Vault (100 and 10) and fight for dominance.

Vault-tech might want to see the likelihood of independent Vaults integrating together given the worst case scenario being both vaults want to kill each other. They each had 225 years to get ready for an all-out war each being trained in combat. Vault tech could pin the start of the war/reason the bombs fell on one another. Giving Vault 10 a nuclear bomb using it as leverage against vault 100. Vault 100 lost/ has no idea why they are doing this only the cover story vault tech usually uses. The Overseer from Vault 10 still has records explaining what the experiment is and still purses it anyway. Vault 10 is opened a year ahead of vault 100 and controls a majority of Philadelphia. How will Vault 100 combat this hostile city and stop or start an all-out war?

Concerning factions;

Vault 10 the hostile vault could have control over most of the factions. The diplomat has to persuade each faction to fight against Vault 10.

Raiders have been a constant staple of the fallout universe who are unpredictable. Hunting and scavenging is what raiders do best. To the core they are free spirits and love nothing more than causing chaos. The raiders just want to kill and gather the remains. Could the raiders be integrated into a society highly dependent on the collective? What if you promised them all of the spoils of war if they rallied behind you?

The Brotherhood (BH) hates super mutants. Technological advancements and the eradication of irradiated beings drives them to expand and kill. The Brotherhood fought the Institute (Fallout 4) because of the technology that they held. Many fights have started to eradicate Ghouls/Super Mutants because they aren’t natural. The BH will stop at nothing until they have every piece of technology and super mutants and ghouls are all obliterated. What would happen if you offered the BH the chance to get the ultimate piece of technology in exchange for some civility? Would the leader throw away one goal to achieve another?


Super Mutants/Ghoul faction just wants to be accepted and not shot at every time they try to talk/trade with random caravans or the BH. They want a peaceful life. The super-mutants would be like the ones found in Jacbostown (New Vegas). Having higher intelligence from some unknown reason, the super mutants in this instalment would be able to talk. What drives that faction is the feeling of belonging to something. They need to be shown that they can coincide with other factions/ smooth-skins even the BH peacefully. How will the Diplomat make their dream of equality reality?

In your democracy you could have different job roles science, supplies/agriculture, army, and town’s people (just as an example). Once each faction joins you could have different shops set up depending on who you have recruited. South Street might be a cool place for a town/ shop area. There you can have a launching point for the war at the end of the game between Vault 100 and Vault 10. Vault 10 being beneath City hall and Vault 100 being on the outskirts of the city.

Hopefully this gives you guys some ideas. Would love to know your thoughts. Does this sound realistic? Am I blowing smoke up my own butt? Please comment below and feel free to leave any thoughts on the matter. Thank You.


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The Links below take you to a map of places where bombs fell and radiation was spread. Philadelphia seems like it would be an extremely irradiated city.

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