Fallout 5 needs to be better.

fallout 7 - Fallout 5 needs to be better.

I am well aware that Fallout 5 is many many years off. But with the failure of Fallout 76, be it actual failure or bandwagoning, one fact is painfully obvious; Bethesda needs to step up their game. Fallout 4 was a good game and I sunk many hours into it. It brought many welcomed changes to the fallout model. The new power armor system is more in depth and a great addition. The improved FPS gameplay curtesy of the devs at ID. And improved graphics and a more diverse color palette. These are all great things that Bethesda should carry over to Fallout 5. But somethings need to change.

No voiced protagonist is the first thing. A voiced protagonist limits role playing and sometimes pulls me out of the great world that has been built for me. The new dialogue wheel also needs to go. The wheel sometimes didn’t show what you would actually say and your character would say something completely different. There are mods to fix this but we shouldn’t need them. Another problem with dialogue is the lack of interesting options. The sarcastic option just doesn’t cut it. There are less skill checks in dialogue and the ones that do exist only consider charisma. No option for repair science or barter based skill checks. Obviously those skills don’t exist anymore but the could be substituted for others such as gun nut or robotics expert or the science perks.

This one may upset a few people but this is my opinion. The weapon mod system needs to go. In previous fallout games if you came across a weapon with a unique attachment and name it was often the only one in the game and I felt special. In Fallout 4 if I find a unique weapon I can just make it at a workbench. The legendary system works but I never found and of the effects that great and only improved the weapon slightly. And with the affects being random you can make a build around them.

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Now that I got the game mechanics out of the way let’s talk about atmosphere. Fallout 4 was good but I didn’t really feel like a fallout game. It didn’t have the same dark and gritty feel to it that Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas had. There seemed to be a lack of the dark humor that was present in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Something about those older games just feels different. I can understand what Bethesda is going for. They are trying to get that 50’s vibe. Poodle skirts and jukeboxes all that stuff. But that’s not really Fallout to me. Fallout to me is dark and depressing.

And lastly probably the most important thing is he story. The story in Fallout 4 fell flat for a lot of people myself included. The whole thing is one big fetch quest with a small twist towards the end but not much else. The story in Fallout 3 and especially New Vegas has a bit more depth. Fallout 3 you can side with the enclave and poison the water or save the people of the capital wasteland. In Fallout New Vegas you can side with the NCR and unify the Mojave. Or you can help Caesars Legion and bring New Vegas under his tyrannical rule. You could side with Mr. House and help him take over Nevada. Or you could be a wild card and liberate New Vegas and the Mojave from both the NCR and the Legion. In Fallout 4 for 3 out of the 4 endings you do the same thing with different people almost no difference. At least in New Vegas there are different end game bosses.

So Bethesda if you are reading this take these things into consideration. Most of us are willing to forgive you for Fallout 76 but you have knock these next 3 games out of the park.

Edit 1: I thought of this after I posted this but it’s relevant. I hope we can go back to the NCR in Fallout 5 .Many of us would like to know what happened to the NCR in the years after the battle for Hoover dam.

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