Fallout 76 – A Community Wishlist 2021

fallout 7 - Fallout 76 - A Community Wishlist 2021

Hello everyone. I was trying to put together a Fallout 76 Wishlist for 2021, fixes and changes the community wants the most and I would love to get you guy's opinions and take on it.

First off, I know that the devs of this game arent known for their community interactions and changes based on community feedback, but I thought it would be best to put together a comprehensive list as a community for visibility. I can only hope the developers care enough to make this game better for all players involved so I'm just trying to do my part, and I'm asking for your help.

So far I have thought about 15 things and I will add more as you guys make comments on it.

1.Server stability&bugfixes

2.Better hit detection&registration, especially for melee weapons

3.More world events

4.More end-game bosses

5.Meaningful grind for Daily ops instead of RNG.

6.Better base building options (double walls, stackable posts..)

7.New story missions with meaningful stories

8.Weapon degradation system overhaul

9.“Hide owned” button for Atomic Shop

10.Option to get Perk Points from the get go instead of getting perk cards&scrapping them one by one

11.Skins for weapons that dont have any (railway rifle,gatling laser etc)

12.Trade system&vendor overhaul (ability to type in the price of gear instead of a slider,ability to make trades with flux,junk, ability to change an items price without taking it off the vendor and putting it for sale again(Thanks to
BACARDI from NL - Fallout 76 - A Community Wishlist 2021


13.Legendary prefixes overhaul, especially for mostly useless&not used prefixes like Nocturnal,Hunters,Assassins etc.

14.Permanent fixes for fast travel bug, duping and hacked weapons

15.Meaningful legendary weapon/gear creation system instead of RNG

16.Raising of in-game currency limits like gold bullion/scrip/caps & more meaningful ways to grind reputation(Thanks to u/SuitableMasterpiece5)

17.The ability to secure the items between characters without relying on FO1st/other people (Thanks to u/sardeliac)

18.The ability to upgrade your low-level gear to higher levels (Thanks to u/BACARDI-from-NL)

19.Reduction/removal of Floating Grenades as event/Daily Ops rewards (Thanks to u/McBrainFungus)

20.The ability to see what plans you are yet to learn

21.The ability to mark items clearly to get ahead of accidental scrappings/sellings (Thanks to

22.Make it so that every weapon has something unique to offer and not a chore to use. Weapons like 10mm smg/regular smg, laser pistols/rifles especially ultracite ones are underwhelming. (Thanks to u/foleythesniper)

I appreciate all the feedback and please don't forget to upvote the comments that you agree with for visibility, thank you for reading :).

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