Fallout 76 – A lesson in How to Drive Customers to Quit 101 (ATTENTION ALL TRADERS)

fallout 6 - Fallout 76 - A lesson in How to Drive Customers to Quit 101 (ATTENTION ALL TRADERS)

Long fan of the Fallout franchise here. I even played the precursor Wasteland.

Probably about 1,500-2,000 total hours played between all the titles. Multiple start from scratch replays.

Bought every game, purchased every DLC, even re-purchased one title because it wasn't in my Steam library.

My friends all bought Fallout 76. They loved it. They didn't like the bugs but kept playing. They didn't like the nerfs but kept playing. They finally got BORED because of lack of CONTENT and quit. 95% of my friends list is OFFLINE every night now. Some nights I'm the ONLY one online.

The LAST fun thing I had to do was trading. And I traded my balls off. I was working HARD for the best min / max I could get. It was hard. I don't dupe. I don't have friends that dupe. So trading for high end items is PAINFULLY HARD at best. But if you're really dedicated to it, you can get there.

  1. I started selling mats and ammo and low level legendaries. Wasn't making much, but it was progress.
  2. Then I got lucky with a SBQ dropping a single Marsupial Recipe. Now we're getting real progress!
  3. I sold Marsupial serums like crazy. Then I was able to get a second serum recipe, and a third, and a fourth, etc.
  4. Selling more serums now, and buying power armor jetpack and calibrated shock plans. Really moving along now!
  5. Now time to start working on my build. I get to work trading my butt off for whatever the current meta is.
  6. I cut deals everywhere, X for Y, go trade Y for Z, sell Z for caps to buy A. Repeat OVER 500 TIMES.
  7. Now I'm doing well and getting more of my min / max build items. Good job Wasteland Trader!

Until Bethesda says NOPE, ALL GONE tomorrow.

All that trading. All that work. 100% wasted. Why bother starting over?


How am I supposed to know what was duped and what wasn't? How many times was that item traded after it was duped? If you paid me $1,000 right now to identify EVERY duped item I might have, I'd fail miserably.

So you're telling everyone who trades regularly "well too bad, all that hard work, we're just going to erase it". Yes, you can do that. But no, you cannot do that and KEEP me as a customer.

This is not something you come back from Bethesda.

If I wake up tomorrow and half of my crap is gone, I'm done with Fallout 76.

You can kiss my money goodbye for Fallout 5 and the DLC, I'm not buying that either.

Oh and the other Bethesda titles I might've tried, NOPE to ALL of those too.

There are VERY few companies I won't ever buy from ever again, but you'll be added to that list (WarZ . Hamerpoint and DayZ Standalone / Bohemia are the two I'll never ever buy from again).

For those of you that want to laugh at everyone else's misfortune….

Less People = Less Money

Less Money = Less Deveopment

Less Development = Quicker to Shut Down Fallout 76

Try not to show too much outrage when the "forever game" you were promised ends up being 1-2 years before they quit to focus on more profitable games. The last time I saw a company crap this hard on their customers was WarZ, and that company no longer exists.

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