Fallout 76 and the path to nuclear Domination

fallout 6 - Fallout 76 and the path to nuclear Domination

My very first reddit post!!!! And here it goes…

I am a huge Bethesda fan, fallout… elder scrolls and recently DOOM… I'm also a big bioware fan but that will be another post lol…<Mass Effect >.

I was, like many very excited about the launch of Fallout 76 last year November. And almost a year later I have finally come to grips with what fallout 76 is and or has become. That being said , as a "part time gamestop employee " lol I had heard all the rumors circulating about fallout 76 . I was constantly asked "if it was gonna have this or that" within the game. At the time we didn't know exactly what Bethesda's plans were.

All we knew was it was mmorpg, and that was really it. Except for the videos played instore of the gameplay, we had nothing to go on. When it released it was INSANE to say the least we had people dressed up as vault boy and some even had pip boys on there arms , the atmosphere was ripe with anticipation.

Then…. literally…. days later lots of people Wanted to return it. Hope's and dreams crushed by slow loading times intermittent crashes and all around bad performance. It was a handful of die hard fans who kept the game and resumed playing. I myself took a four month break from the wasteland. When I returned I returned with a new sense of excitement. Turns out Bethesda had in fact fixed alot of the consistent problems plaguing the game. Of course where some were fixed, others arrived.


That being said, fallout 76 < In my opinion > morphed into something entirely different, so different I dont think even Bethesda could have foreseen it. The game gave players unfettered freedom to do literally what ever they wanted. From players creating raider clans to players becoming doctors of the wasteland and going even further, players becoming self proclaimed end game bosses.

I myself have experienced the good the bad and the horrendous… I've had mini nukes shot at me <presumably for fun> to being chased by grafton monsters 15 levels higher than me and even watching my C.A.M.P get destroyed by lvl 235 and 260, while I stood by at lvl 63 helpless and hopeless lol.

I have since risen the ranks to a comfortable 126, and the game is becoming more interesting to play. The C.A.M.P.s have become incredible sights to behold. I even stumbled upon a town complete with city gates that had to be opened from the inside. I for one will continue to play and see what's instore for the future.

I play mostly on Xbox so if you wanna play hit me up!!!

Gamertag Xbox:: OMUROV

PSN Gamertag:: omurov83


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