FALLOUT 76: Base Building (How it works for me)

fallout 7 - FALLOUT 76: Base Building (How it works for me)

I have been reading over this subreddit and there seems to be confusion about base building. So rather than stating what I think is wrong with each comment, I will just post my experience so far.

First build a base. Get everything in place just as I want it. For this step I am talking about just the base, nothing outside. When building you need to make sure nothing crosses over two floor sections, the game doesn't let you rebuild a blueprint if there is an item crossing one floor over to another (even though it isn't technically hanging thats how it views it.). If you do this you will end up with the no support issue when placing a blueprint.

Next blueprint your base. Go into blueprint mode and select a foundation, then press the button to choose the entire building. Save the blueprint. (Don't panic if you cant see the blueprint right away. It takes time to show up)
Blueprinting a base is important. It is basically backing up your base

When you want to move, go into edit mode and run around your base storing everything. This is done by choosing the scrap store option and then choosing store.
Once everything has been stored you can place the blueprint down. It will not cost you anything because you have everything required stored.
Moving can be tricky if you built on a hill. It is possible but you need to find a terrain very similar to where you were at.

If the game auto removed your base when you logged in (because someone else had a base in the area). All of your base will be in the stored section. The difference this time is the game tries to make a blueprint of your items and it usually fails.
NO NEED TO WORRY. Go to each one of those "blueprints" and break them down by storing the items from the blueprint. Once all blueprints have been broken down and you have all of your items in the storage, you can place your blueprint down and it will not cost you a thing.

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This will not work for things outside of your foundation. (like turrets and such)

Fences are a huge mess, placing them is terrible and moving them is a pain. I just store them and replace them at my next location. If anybody has a better solution please share!

Building in flat areas will make moving much easier.
You can also blueprint a garden if you do it in a flat area.
The smaller your base, the more mobile it will be. (I will share mine when the game is live)
You can only blueprint a certain amount. If you have a large building, blueprint by floors.

The main thing to remember if the game auto removes your base, everything is not lost. Break the "blueprints" down and you have it all back.


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