Fallout 76 beta kinda cool

fallout 8 - Fallout 76 beta kinda cool

I’ve had the opportunity to play it a few more times since my last post and my feelings have evolved.

The ambience is very cool and I enjoy the exploration. It’s dangerous and I’m moving slower than I might in a regular Fallout game.

I was very excited when I found my first Bobblehead. I’ve found a few more since then and each is an exciting moment. Also found an Amazing Tales (not sure what it does) and some pieces of a treasure map.

The combat is pretty balanced so far but I’m fighting mostly lower level monsters. I’ve fought a few twice my level and had to be very strategic about how I used the terrain to my advantage.

When it comes to supplies it’s not too hard to have enough to keep living and the eating/drinking to stay alive isn’t too onerous.


I have more bobble heads than Bobby pins so that’s a little weird 🙂

It does feel very lonely. There aren’t a ton of the NPC robot vendors so far and while some of the other robots talk with you it doesn’t help.

It seems like talking with other players requires you to get their permission (I get it), I seem to be on a server where they don’t want to talk.

I had one moron griefing me during a mission. He couldn’t attack me directly but he was damaging the thing I was trying to protect.

Overall it’s fun and I look forward to the sessions when they open. Can’t wait for full release. Hopefully having more people on will result in more social interactions and teamwork.


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