Fallout 76 FAQ ‘s For New And Returning Players

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Fallout 76 FAQ 's For New And Returning Players

I've put together a list of FAQ's to help new and returning players. This will be a WIP as there is more content to be added to the game.

If you have anything else to add to it comment below in a Q & A format and I'll add it to the list. My hopes are that we can work together as a community to fill this with as much information as possible.

Big thanks to
AFUSMC74 - Fallout 76 FAQ 's For New And Returning Players

u/AFUSMC74 for his input!

Fallout 76 FAQ

Q: I'm a returning player. What has changed?

A: Visit this link. It has all pertinent information including all previous patch notes.

Q: I have an issue with an Atomic Shop purchase. What should I do?

A: Please visit Bethesda support and submit a ticket.

Q: How do other players kill me in a workshop when I have pacifist enabled?

A: Workshop areas by default are PvP zones. Regardless if you have pacifist activated or not you can be killed without without initiating PvP.

Q: On PS4 I crash immediately when clicking to log in when first launching the game.

A: This has happened to a lot of players. It seems the most common resolution is to uninstall and reinstall the game. Some users have reported success by simply rebuilding their database but this is not always going to work.

Q: I've purchased a backpack skin from the Atomic Shop but it will not let me craft it or apply it.

A: The backpack skins from the Atomic Shop can only be applied to the back pack that is rewarded from the quest line "Order of the Tadpole" . The "Small Backpack" that can be crafted by acquiring the plan from Morgantown airport does not currently work with the Atomic Shop skins.

Q: Why do items not appear for me to loot again when I switch to a new server?

A: If you're trying to server hop the same area to loot the same items they will almost never spawn in again to be looted. An items lootability is based on a "list" of previously looted items. You have to loot enough new items to push an item off the list for it to spawn again. Reference this link for an in depth guide on looting.


Q: I'm returning after a long hiatus and all my power armor pieces are removed from their frames

A: In a previous patch they did this to resolve certain issues. Unfortunately you'll have to place the pieces back on their frames. All of your pieces should be accounted for though.

Q: Why are certain cells like the tattoo parlor and burrows giving me a message that they cannot be accessed until a later date?

A: This is just a glitch that can happen from time to time. Simply changing to a new server usually resolves this.

Q: There are or were a lot of long standing bugs in the game. Has or will Bethesda ever address these?

A: The Wastelanders release is suppose to bring a large update that is to address most of the long standing bugs in the game.

Q: How do I know if Bethesda is aware of a bug?

A: You can visit the official Bethesda site to see a list of their known issues and feedback. This
link will take you there.

Q: I'm trying to level up my character but the perk I'm wanting isn't showing up in the perk card packs I'm opening even though I'm the correct level for that perk.

A: Some perk cards do not come from perk card packs. You have to select the card by choosing to pick a new perk and going to that perk category and look for the card and select it there. Once you select the perk card it will add 1 point to that perk category and unlock the card.

Q: Why have the vendor bot's and legendary exchange's not reset their cap and scrip yet?

A: Their cap and scrip resets after 20 hours from when you first sold to them on the previous day.

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