Fallout 76 feels boring to me

fallout 4 - Fallout 76 feels boring to me

Just finished the BETA, I really want to like the game but I don’t know, the whole time I was playing I felt bored and really couldn’t focus. There were too many quest popping up accidentally and the whole time I was playing it felt like hoard mode. Did a couple of events solo (Food plant, Steel Heart, Mr.Farmhand) Everything died way too easily. It honestly felt like I was playing the end game of Fallout 4. There were weapons everywhere I never starved because I always had an abundance of food. I got stuck on a table in the agricultural basement and was forced to fast travel out the area.

The holotapes are really good (Colonel was especially sad) but are too long and if you have either another player or enemy shooting at you, you can completely miss what the holotape is saying and have to restart the holotape all over again (minor knitpick but still annoying)

I know people have said this time and time again but not having NPC’s makes me feel disconnected from the story all together which is why I was feeling bored. It’s just something about not being able to interact with any characters at all that makes it feel empty.


For some reason the stress test last week ran way better than the BETA, everything was blurry looking and the game kept losing frames. (Xbox One but still the stress test ran way better with more people on that server)

My melee attacks kept choosing randomly when it wanted to apply damage. I’ll swing my machete and it’ll go right through the enemy.

At no point did it feel like a survival game, I had an over abundance of everything. I’m solo level 3 killing level 10 and 15 enemies during hoard mode events. Used maybe 4 stimpacks total (I had 30)

I really want to like the game because I am a Fallout/TES fan, but I REALLY don’t see myself playing this game for hours and hours like I did with all the other Bethesda games which sucks.

Also: Does GameStop give you back the $5 down for preorders or can I just put it towards another game?


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