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fallout 5 - Fallout 76 feels lonely

Hello everyone.

I played Fallout 76 since the proper launch and got to level 70 yesterday. I finished main storyline and a dozen of side quests. Right now I'm thinking if I should do the grind for legendaries or if I should stop playing and move on. But I digress.

The biggest problem for me with the game was a feeling of loneliness. There are no human NPCs to interact with. No meaningful choices to make. I tried to interact with other players, but between casual politeness, people who don't want to be bothered, that guy with his music or TV playing, there are only end game grinders who actually interact.


By the way, I get that Fallout should feel lonely, but there were always a characters that you cared about, or hated. Someone to smile and tell a joke. Just Doc. Mitchell from the start of New Vegas was more interesting than 90% of 76's cast.

And for the end note. I know that the game explains why there are no Human NPCs left, but my gripe isn't with the lore but with the decision to make lore this way.

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