Fallout 76 had the bare bones for the greatest Fallout story yet.

fallout 7 - Fallout 76 had the bare bones for the greatest Fallout story yet.

I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and I really think 76 was so close to being amazing, story wise. There are so many amazing things going on, but unbelievably underdeveloped.

First of all, Rose. I really like her as a character. She's brutal, insane and pretty funny, but without expanding on her story, she makes literally no sense at all. Or at least I haven't found the in game info that explains her. She seems to be a fully sentient Mrs Nanny, reprogrammed as a tribute to the raider boss' dead girlfriend. How did he have the knowlage to create a sentient machine like that when the only examples we have are the ZAX super computers, synths, and Codsworth/ Curie, who took 250 years to attain questionable sentience. Also, how the hell is she capable of doing drugs with no organic components?

Secondly, the Scorched. I've always been a sucker for the Sci fi hive mind mutant trope, like the husks in mass effect. The scorched fungus is capable off infecting a number of various creatures, seemingly anything with a fully functional brain that's not a super mutant, and somehow making a hive mind between them. And… That's it. All it seems to do is make scorched repeat lines about being one and make scorched creatures non hostile to each other. Personally, I think the fungus shouldn't have been primally violent, but intelligent, using each new infected to boost its intelligence. If not that, partially altering hosts thoughts, making them somewhat unique from each other, but still connected to the hive mind, as though it was a second mind in their heads. It would have motivations, wants and ideas. Not to mention it would give the Scorched interesting things to say if they were still partially human.


And maybe it can be in a turf war with the stranglers, seeing as they're so similar.

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And last, the stakes. This is actually explained in the game, but so piss poorly it barely registers.

Appalacia is likely one of the few remaining bastions of life in America. It is unbelievably valuable and important to mankind's, but it harmours something that could very well destroy all life on the planet, causing a mass extinction event like no other. To save the rest of the world, this green jewel has to be utterly destroyed by nuclear weapons, full on scorched earth style. And the game never once conveys just how completely tragic that is. It's all about launching nukes for shits and giggles, but in reality we are meant to be giving up one of the last remaining places humanity can thrive in, a last remnant of the world before the war, for the good of everyone else.

What about you guys. Have you seen any plot points that could have been a lot better? How would you improve them?

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