Fallout 76 has become a really stable game with undeserved hate.

fallout 7 - Fallout 76 has become a really stable game with undeserved hate.

So this is just an off-my-chest post.

Warning, Spoilers ahead.

Backround info

When "Fallout 76" first launched the game was in a pretty bad state. No NPC's, alot of bugs and very generic gameplay. I first started playing the game when the Wastelanders Update came out. This update might have been the most important update for the game till now. It completely changed the game. Adding NPC's and more Story elements. Actual story missions were now a thing. And not to forgot an actual Dialogue system. "Fallout 76" continued to receive more big updates wich added even more content.

Brotherhood of steel

For example, the "Steel Dawn" Update wich added the "Brotherhood of steel". As huge BoS fan this got me to play the game even more than before. Yesterday while playing the BoS mission where you explore the abandoned "Enclave Base" I got extremely hooked onto the whole BoS thing. The whole Building had really scary feeling to it, which because of the huge size of the building lasted me for about half an hour. I have never been so "scared" in a "Fallout" game before as I have been in that mission. Not to forgot the conflict between paladin rahmani and Knigh Shin, wich really added more immersion to the BoS Story.

Fallout 76's Open-World

The Open-World of "Fallout 76" really is a thing of it's own. First off, it's huge. The map isn't just a monotone wasteland, but instead has different regions with each their own style to it. From normal grasslands to the huge coal area to the swamp area and way more. Evertime I explore "Fallout 76's" world I find a new thing. Not to forgot the NPC's the world is full off. Wich brings me onto my next point.

Fallout 76's NPC's/Animals

The game is a huge step-up from "Fallout 4" in this point. We have way more diversity when it comes to this. New enemies like the wendigo, the flatwood monster, the scorched, the mole miners and dozens of more enemies. Not only that, but exisiting enemies from "Fallout 4", have been retextured to fit more into the game. Onto the Humanoid NPC's, you can now side with the raiders without requiring an additional DLC. (Wich where in "Fallout 4", you needed the Nuka-World DLC) Or you go with the settlers, the choice is yours. Being able to choose who you wanna join is a very nice addition wich makes sense, since Fallout is supposed to be a Roleplay game. Now you were also able to join different factions in "Fallout 4", wich was well executed there. However, we were missing the "Enclave", wich got readded with "Fallout 76".

Combining the Open-World with the NPC's/Animals creates the perfect experience, atleast in my opinion.


The Camp-System

Instead of pre-set settlement locations, like in "Fallout 4", you can now settle anywhere you want to. I personally chose the Mountain-forests in the South of the map. The creativity here is endless. And depending on where you settle, you have different enemies you have to fight off, to protect your camp. Now if you wanna "spice up" your camp, you can buy camp items in the "Atomic Shop". The "Atomic Shop" uses a currency called "Atoms" wich you buy with real money. For example: 20€ is 2000 atoms. That's an acceptable price if you ask me. I bought myself the "Flying Fortress", wich is an abandoned plane, (with cut-off wings), wich you can use as a base. Some might not like the fact, that you have to buy camp items. But remember, you don't need to buy them. You can build a great camp without it. The camp-system in "Fallout 76" has alot of items you can use for free with the base game. You only need the required materials to build them. These materials are scattered around the map.


Now "Bethesda" most-likely used "Fallout 4" as the base of "Fallout 76". Both games play very similiar, and have the same graphics style. However, once you look closer, you can see that "Bethesda" did in-fact update the graphics quite a bit. Updated higher-res textures and a better "shading" system. Yes, it looks like "Fallout 4" with an ENB put on top of it. But is that a bad thing? No. It looks good. Not to forget we now have actual Trees with leaves on them, unlike "Fallout 4", where every tree was dead, even 200 years later. Wich makes no sense. At some point those trees do regrow. I mean, take a look at Chernobyl, it's full of wild-life and overgrown plants. "Fallout 76" did that right, the Trees did regrow, or maybe not even die in the first place. I have no idea how strong the nukes where.

To Wrap things up

While "Fallout 76" was a disaster when it first launched, it improved heavily over the years. And people who never played the game after quitting at launch, have no right to call the game shitty, since they have no idea how well the game improved. Things like that do make me angry sometimes, just because a game was bad at launch, doesn't mean that it will always stay bad. If developers actually listen to their community, wich "Bethesda" did, things can do a 180° turn and change to the better.

And that's it. This might die in new, but I don't care.

I just wanted say my words to the Fallout-Community.

Thank you for reading, and have fun playing "Fallout 76" or any "Fallout" you want to.

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