Fallout 76 has one of the worst loot reward systems of any game in recent memory

fallout 4 - Fallout 76 has one of the worst loot reward systems of any game in recent memory

(except maybe Destiny 1 at launch)

Anyway. Fallout 76 is moderately enjoyable game for the first 100 levels or so. After that, it is a poorly thought-out, miserable, frustrating, excruciating mess. The main problem? The end-game grind and loot.

The main issue, and usually the central issue with any MMO: Balancing the grind. It is definitely hard: give gamers too much too soon and they'll lose interest, give them too little too late and they'll also lose interest. The perfect grind and loot reward system is like a planet in the Goldilocks zone. It has to be in just the right spot for anything flourish.


There are too many legendary mobs, and an absolutely INSANE amount of garbage legendary drops. Of course good gear needs to be rare. BUT THERE DOESN'T NEED TO BE THIS MUCH GARBAGE. I mean it's not even that its gear that doesn't fit your playstyle. IT'S GEAR NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD EVER USE. Like a Nocturnal Pool Cue, or a Stalker's Rolling pin. Clearly just designed to be thrown away and as a placeholder loot. FALLOUT 76 IS DESIGNED NOT TO REWARD YOUR GRIND, BUT TO INSULT YOU.

What's really the issue here is that there is little to no thought given to the actual gameplay, only the grind as a whole. The current system as it is doesn't reward grinding. It only frustrates, and encourages duping. YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING A DECENT LEGENDARY ARE SO INFINITESIMALLY LOW THAT YOU MIGHT AS WELL JUST FIND A DUPE FROM SOMEONE. This is not healthy for an MMO, at all.



I have a pretty simple idea actually.

  1. Remove Nocturnal Pool Cues any clearly rubbish legendary from the three-star legendary loot pool.

  2. Simply make legendary mobs themselves a lot more rare. It's way less frustrating to only rarely see a legendary mob but actually get something decent than to kill a hundred of them and come away with nothing but a wooden leg.

  3. Give other high-level, non-legendary mobs (like scorchbeasts) a slightly increased chance to drop legendaries. No one's going to be upset getting a rolling pin from a mole rat. It's a mole rat for chrissake it should drop garbage. But it still seems like the game is rewarding you, rather than insulting you.

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Finally, the Scorchbeast Queen. Quite simply, she can drop a lot of good loot, but you need to farm her for it. But, by the time you have the gear and weapons to farm her….you don't need to! So what's the point?

Anyway, I really hope Bethesda fixes the loot system, because right now it just feels like a carnival game. Insulting, and designed to make you lose.

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