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This week, we’re taking you beneath Arktos Pharma. At this new underground location, players will dive into the latest event for 76, Project Paradise, which you can sink your teeth into starting next week on Tuesday, May 21. That same day, we are also planning to release Patch 9.5 which will contain a number of fixes for bugs that have surfaced in recent patches. Thanks to all of you for the valuable feedback that has allowed us to squash these bugs like radroaches.


Beneath the Arktos Pharma building lies one of the company’s most closely-guarded secrets: a sprawling subterranean research facility made up of three cavernous labs. Each of these labs feature their own biomes, which created opportunities to perform experiments on a wide variety of flora and fauna. Safely hidden deep underground, this fully automated facility remained safe when the bombs dropped on October 23, 2077. Research continued despite the destruction on the surface, and even now the bots who reside within the depths work tirelessly to carry out the company’s directives.

HOW TO START THE PROJECT PARADISE EVENT You can join Project Paradise by making your way to Arktos Pharma in the Forest region of Appalachia. Head into the building’s lobby and access the elevator on the right to descend into the labs. Alternatively, if the event is already active, you can join it immediately from your Map by selecting the Project Paradise event marker.

During the event, you will get hands-on experience performing product testing with some of the fauna that inhabit the Biome Labs. These overgrown environments contain many types of wildlife, and few of these creatures could be considered the cutest or cuddliest test subjects in Appalachia. Stay on your guard, because once trials begin, their reactions can make for deadly results. While some creatures may prove docile, or even friendly, others will quickly find their claws…

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Even though it is located in the Forest, Project Paradise will be daunting for Dwellers who arrive fresh from the Vault. You will encounter enemies who are level 50 and above, and all three Biomes will require your attention, so even veteran adventurers will find it beneficial to form a group before taking on this event. Those who manage to successfully aid Arktos Pharma in conducting the experiment will be rewarded with some new loot and XP.

WHAT’S NEXT FOR INSIDE THE VAULT Over the past few months, we’ve had a lot of fun sharing previews of upcoming game content and patch highlights in Inside the Vault, especially during our recent Wild Appalachia releases. We’re going to continue using Inside the Vault as a space for these things, but we’d like to expand on the types of content we include in these articles going forward. To do this, we’d like to know what you want to see from them in the future. Perhaps you’d like to learn more about the developers behind Fallout 76 and the work they do to support the game, get some additional insight into existing game features, or maybe something else entirely.

Head to the official forums to let us know what Fallout 76-related topics you’re most interested in reading about in future editions of Inside the Vault.

In case you missed it, we shared a preview of the Purveyor last week, and she’s expected to emerge in Appalachia today. We hope you’ve managed fill your wallet with some Legendary Scrip so that you can visit her to add more legendary weapons and armor to your arsenal. Until next time, we will see you in the Wasteland.

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