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fallout 7 - Fallout 76 Interactive Map

So I've created an app for tracking and making notes on locations in FO76. It's very simple thus far but I'm going to hopefully expand functionality rapidly. Looking to add the features listed below but I'd really appreciate additional ideas if I've missed something?

Get it here: (free)


Current features:

  • High quality map with zoom/pan features.
  • Completely offline map and markers. Online required only for download/sync and optional sign-in.
  • Categorized and Filterable markers.
  • Up/down voting for markers along with an option to only view markers that are "verified" (I.e. more up than down votes).
  • Check off and hide locations you've completed.
  • Comment on locations.
  • Personal (private) notes for locations.
  • One-tap sign-in with Google.

Features I'm thinking of adding:

  • Push messaging notifications for new location markers and/or updates/comments to existing locations (could be spammy though).
  • Member lookup for creating teams/groups/clans. Not sure how useful it would be but I guess could be used to synchronize locations and content between people?
  • Local/offline wiki with location & items content. There are great wikis out there already so may just be wasted.

I unfortunately don't have a copy of FO76 as yet (it's horrifically expensive in my country, but hoping to get in on PC beta ASAP) so would appreciate assistance with moderation of markers/comments in the mean time if anyone is able to spare a bit of time?

So yeah, hopefully it's useful for fellow Fallout addicts 🙂


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