Fallout 76 is 2 years old! Thoughts on the state of the game.

fallout 3 - Fallout 76 is 2 years old! Thoughts on the state of the game.

On November 14, 2020 the game will officially have been out for public play for 2 years. Whats improved since then? What has not? Whats stayed about the same? And what changes would you like to have seen that you did not? Ill start with my own opinions, and will modify this post over time with information you guys provide yourselves.

Whats gotten better?:

Story: I think we can all admit that the story we got to begin with and the way we were meant to go about progressing that story were both incredibly lackluster. Somehow everyone who survived the bombs all died or left? Like literally every last one of them? Not one single person stayed behind? I am very happy we dont have to deal with this anymore. NPCs not only giving you tasks but living "normal" lives all around you is a very welcome change.

World: This pretty much comes with the territory of what was stated above. Having a world full of people and 2 new headquarters for them to reside in (as well as tons of smaller ones dotted around!) The map feels more alive and more inhabited and less like a barren wasteland filled only with things that wish to kill you mindlessly. Another welcome change to the game.

Whats gotten worse:

Stability: I really wanted to start out the negatives with this one because my god has it gotten bad lately. Not to say we didnt have our fair share of dupes, glitches, and game breaking bugs. But at least when you fired a shot you were confident it would land. When you opened a door you were confident it would just happen right away. Now you do any form of interaction and hope the server heard you. Whats Bethesda doing about this? Its been over a month and they wont even acknowledge that they have an issue with the servers right now.


Levelling: I may be alone in this or I may not be, but I feel the One Wasteland update ruined levelling. There was a time when you could go to specific areas to power train as a lower level player. Now not only can you not power level, you have to ensure you are at the best possible damage output at all times. It forces you to play a specific way at all times to progress. I have no idea how this got past testing phase.

What needs improving:

Chat: Jesus, Bethesda. It took less than 2 months after release for someone to make a chat system that works for Fallout 76 in-game. 2 years later and all you can say is that "its coming, but nowhere near soon". This should of been in the game day-1 or at the very least been on the roadmap day-1. You have to know how bad it looks when you cant manage one of the most basic multiplayer features 2 years after your game launches but modders have been able to make it work almost the entire time.

Pricing: If youre going to sell a subscription package with a ton of stuff in it (knowing most players who buy it wont take advantage of the entire package), can you at least sell a lighter version or maybe even seperate each element of the package into its own purchaseable? Id like to be able to get just the scrap box and tent without the private world and atoms. Can I do that someday? And can I pay for it with atoms rather than my cc? Ill even buy the atoms, I just want to be able to discount that purchase through gameplay.

Feel free to add your comments below, I will take the ones that get a lot of attention and incorporate them into this list. Hopefully with enough movement in this post Bethesda may actually look at and do something about the things we are discussing?

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