Fallout 76 is an excellent lesson in Economics

fallout 7 - Fallout 76 is an excellent lesson in Economics

I recently saw a post on another subreddit that said something along the lines of "I literally don't understand why the US Gov can't just print more money. Smh capitalists etc." and I decided to break it down, especially with all the the inflation destruction that has happened in the last few months in fo76, and considering capitalists and communists alike are represented by the game, it's perfect. I'm going to look at how Fallout 76 has handled the differing Economic standpoints of Communism vs Capitalism, and how ultimately, both are pretty terrible systems.

The first example will be the capitalist approach, and answering the question "why can't we just print more money?". In this example, a large sum of money will be described as a "Bloodied Handmade". So Bloodied Handmades used to be relatively hard to come by, and due to that fact, insanely valuable. In due time, everybody could get their hands on one (whether it be by legitimately building up their goods and trading for it, getting it randomly from an enemy {on par with winning the lottery in the real world}, or stealing it from somebody else). It would take a while in most instances, but once the player had one, it was worthwhile. Players unable to get their hands on one decided that the bring isn't worth it, and find ways around it. Insert the argument "Just print more money". Players dupe the Bloodied Handmade and distribute it to players in mass, and suddenly, the market is flooded. That Bloodied Handmade has had it's worth significantly diminished now, and players are less likely to trade other valuable items for 1 single handmade. I understand that "an objects worth is determined by it's user/owner, but if everybody has a Bloodied Handmade, it's not really much of a bargaining chip.


Now to take a look at Communism, and the Fallout 76 approach, we're going to take a look at the Brotherhood of Steel, and their recent reintroduction to the Appalachian Wasteland. They demand that the players of the wasteland collect and subsequently donate good for them to build their base upon their arrival. In return, we can assume they will give us, the players, some form of service upon their arrival. Which is fine, until we take into account how Communism, and a group of individuals working towards a unified goal, really works. The Brotherhood have set goals for specified amount of resources that players should give to them. It is universal, and everyone is expected to donate to reach the goals (e.g. The Rewards). And that is the problem. It is not mandatory for players to donate, so while some people may donate ample supplies, another could not donate a single item and be rewarded the same as everybody else. And players realized this, resulting in a mass amount of people opting out of donating supplies. This resulted in the player base missing out on rewards due to the mass majority of players thinking "aw, I don't have to donate. I'm sure everyone else will". We have actually seen this same scenario occur in real life, with China a few decades ago. The United States is the largest exporter of rice in the world, because they sell rice to China. This is because at one point, the Chinese farmers responsible for tending the rice farms had the Revelation that, due to being in a communist country, they would all get paid relatively the same, no matter what job they took, and quit, resulting in a famine in China. The US took advantage of this and offered to export rice to China in exchange for putting factories there for cheaper labor. Due to a universal goal (or in this case, universal compensation), people figured others around them would pull a big enough workload that it didn't matter if they opted out, except for the fact that, either everybody thought the same thing, or on the case of FO76, people realize that the goal isn't a big enough deal for them to worry about pitching in to the pot.

This took a long ass time to write, and I'm at work, but would appreciate if you all gave this post see love, or just share your opinion. Anybody is welcome to comment their thoughts.

TLDR: Capitalism=Bad but also Communism=Bad, and Fallout 76 represents both standpoints pretty terribly, which is reflective of society itself.

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