Fallout 76 is getting more and more disappointing and buggy as I go on!

fallout 5 - Fallout 76 is getting more and more disappointing and buggy as I go on!

From quests disappearing, to enemies being invisible, from AI glitching out and the inventory system being broken beyond belief. It's just getting worse and worse!

My poor inventory can't take much more abuse! I was actually having somewhat of a good time too! I was getting pretty bored doing some boring quests when I came across a mine and got a quest to become a fire breather. That was pretty freaking cool, not to mention the cool outfit! Unfortunately since all humans other than players tend to be dead, joining the firebreathers fell flat. The cool part about joining factions in fallout games is the immersion and NPC's. They make you feel apart of something bigger. That doesn't really exist here and its getting more worse and worse as I go on.


Still, I was pretty happy with myself, I had actually found something really cool that I liked in the game, unfortunately that happiness was shattered as my inventory previously glitched with a weight glitch, now was glitched with infinite supplies. Yea again for some reason it was like playing in god mode for 30 minutes straight. Infinite sprinting, infinite food and water. To make things worse soon after the food and water stopped working all together!

And before anyone suggests that it was lag, it wasn't. I'm trying to give this game a chance but it keeps forcing me to quit every 30 minutes with game breaking glitches!

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