Fallout 76 is just regular Fallout without mods to save its ass

fallout 5 - Fallout 76 is just regular Fallout without mods to save its ass

In the particular situation Bethesda has put themselves in, I am surprised they haven't thought about paying modders to fix their game for them.

Look at their 21:9 fix. That post blew up saying it was an .ini edit that stretched the HUD and nothing more. Bethesda has a team of developers that can't manage to provide actual 21:9 support, meanwhile some anonymous hobbyist did it alone and faster than a dedicated team of "professionals", for free.

Think about it; when was the last time any of us played Fallout 3 through 4, including Vegas, and didn't once think about or commit to downloading some mods that drastically improved the quality of life of those games? I can't remember. Probably still had a 360 then.

Bethesda has a very unique and dedicated (almost to a fault) community. They have been fixing Bethesda's nonsense for the last 10 years or more.


For some reason, Bethesda got it in their head that they could make a AAA game that didn't rely on mod support or their dedicated community, and we've all been able to witness just how incompetent they really are without it.

Instead of getting paid to use other people's mods or trying to suck all the profit up they can from the ridiculous Atomic Shop, why don't they start actually paying modders to fix their game? I'm sure a good amount of us wanted this game to succeed, and as satisfying as it is watching Bethesda get beat to death for stabbing their customers in the back, deep down, at least for me, it's sad and disheartening to see the current state of AAA titles.

TL;DR Bethesda can end up with great PR and a fixed game if they paid modders to help revive this pile.

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