Fallout 76 Latest Patch Has Arrived Along With More Entertaining Gameplay

fallout 1 - Fallout 76 Latest Patch Has Arrived Along With More Entertaining Gameplay

Now the great news is, Fallout 76's seventh major patch Wild Appalachia has arrived on 13th, March 2019, which includes a series of changes. Usual fixes and improvements are included, for sure, and this new update also includes some fresh content that helps bring some life vitality back into this game's boring and stagnant world.

One of the biggest new additions is a questline named "Wasted on Nukashine" that asks you to perfect the art of brewing some Nuka-Cola-infused hooch for a drunken robot named Biv. By the way, this robot, Biv – as "Appalachia’s tipsiest robot" has already spent the last several decades stumbling about in the basement of a tattoo parlor that had been converted into a speakeasy by some students from the nearby university who were tired of the police constantly busting up their keggers. This setup is kind of like Weird Science meets Animal House, but, of course, minus all of the other characters and the teenage perviness.

In Fallout 76, like former quests in the game, most of the story is transferred through computer terminals. Old holo-tapes, and hand-written notes. Sometimes, it's quite entertaining, but sometimes it's also shallow. It does not provide a deeper window into the world of Fallout 76. unlike some of the better quests come from the main campaign, for instance, figuring out what happened to the girl at Riverside Manor or the main beat in the journey of Overseer’s. However, what does it do is to offer you with the methods of making your own booze by means of a new crafting station, these blueprints for which you receive from the robot after you finish the quest.

This system, well, now, we'd like to call booze system is quite attractive. At the very beginning, you can use ingredients like boiled water, wheat and corns to make a handful of liquors, wines, and beers. As long as you finish compiling the ingredients for a given drink, it needs to be stored in a fermenter for a certain period of time. You should know that the longer it stores there, the stronger its effects become. During your travels, you even can put other bottles of booze you have encountered into the fermenter to age them as well. Of course, the effects go beyond just drunkenness. For instance, drinking the aged version of Firecracker Whiskey will let you set the enemies on fire when you attack them. To be exact, this is effectively a potion system, by completing routine challenges for Biv robot, you will have the option to get more new recipes. And since it's all alcoholic, there is no need to worry about it goes bad or spoiling.


In this game of Fallout 76, this update also rebalances energy weapons to try and make these Fallout 76 weapons more useful. After playing this updated game for an hour, I am pretty sure that they have become much better. But they still feel like more trouble than they are worth. Those improvements like a 10% buff to semi-automatic energy weapons look very nice, but that's obviously not going to change the existing balance of power fundamentally in favor of them.

Among these dozens of changes, there are some other entertaining additions, for example, the ability to create radios for your campsite. With this function in this game, it will make players feel less lonely. But in order to solve the solitude in this game still has a very long way to go. Another addition is Bethesda has also added a reporting system into this game's social menu to provide another option for coping with people who are grieving or harassing other players. Blocking them to hop to a new server. The new update of Fallout 76 also makes it so that every legendary creature is guaranteed to drop a legendary item when it dies. So that is a good sign for us players.

Though getting good balance tweaks, having new content, and constantly quality-of-life improvements are all very well, sometimes to play Fallout 76 is still a struggle, at least for players who are on Xbox One, it is true feelings. Undeniable, this game is more playable than it was at launch in 2018, but until now, it still has some space to go up. The performance still needs to perfect.

But the good news is, there are still quite a few more updates planned for the coming months, such as a new, harsher PVP (Player Versus Player) mode on March 26, 2019, and what attracts me the most is the personal vending machines. Players can sell stuff to one another (I am not sure whether I can get as much as Fallout 76 capsby selling my useless items, but I think that would be very cool) on April 9, 2019. With these updates and plans, Bethesda conveys to us, we do have reasons to believe that Fallout 76 would be better and better as time goes by.

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