Fallout 76 may not be the game for you, but it’s definitely the game for me

fallout 3 - Fallout 76 may not be the game for you, but it’s definitely the game for me

Tl;dr: I like fallout 76, please don’t fight me but also don’t not fight me ya feel

So I started playing Fallout NV (the learning curve was real), and I’ve also played 3 and 4. NV remains my personal favourite.

When 76 was announced I was pretty nonplussed either way. Even though it was online and I don’t really play any other online games, I knew I’d get it either way because I love the series. I don’t think I really followed it since it was announced aside from every now and then checking how far away the release was. When 4 was announced I had time to really follow the build up because I was at university. Now, if I have spare time to look at games media, I have spare time to actually play games or watch movies or whatever. I don’t really engage with games media like I did at University because frankly I don’t have the time. Ahh the tragedies of adulthood.

So I didn’t really get that same build up, and I was ready to be disappointed when I bought it, but I still bought it for the reason stated above – I love the franchise. This might be why I’m not disappointed – I was never really that invested in the launch lol.

When I played the other games, all I wanted was a blank slate and a world to explore. Call me unimaginative but I found it hard to ignore the core missions etc of the story based games, and the suggested character of my player character (ie the lone wanderer).


With 76, I feel like I’ve finally got my wish. For the first time in my experience with fallout I feel like I’m really truly a newcomer to the wasteland. The parts of fallout that I love are basically the nuclear holocaust holocaust rebuilding simulator – I love to do the day to day minutiae, to just go exploring for the sake of finding materials, and just to interact with the world as if it were my real day to day life.

This is not to say that I don’t feel the same frustrations as other fans – especially when it comes to the bugs as they are, for the first time since I played NV, at the point of being game breaking. Seriously, how does a game get released in 2018 with this level of quality? I’m pretty sure the answer is that this is probably a relatively low risk tester game – IE, they’re seeing how the consumer responds to the game to make decisions about the future of the franchise.

In my experience, this has been exactly what I asked for in a fallout game (at the macro level). I think it’s equally fair to feel that this game is a huge disappointment if that’s your experience, but for me personally, it’s a dream. What’s especially impressive for me is that I’m still playing through RDR2 (my personal game of the year) and I’m equally enjoying both games (although RDR2 is far more aesthetically pleasing and a stronger game). Thank you for listening.

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