Fallout 76. My story of my first ever fallout game!

fallout 2 - Fallout 76. My story of my first ever fallout game!

Good Morning everyone!

Like the title says I was introduced to fallout 76 as my first fallout game by my uncle who has been in love with it since day one and said that even though like all games it had its rough patches It was still an amazing game. I didn't subscribe to all the crap about it being horrible because he and I both enjoy similar games and I knew he wouldn't be dumping hours into a game he didn't like. The only thing was I was too worried about dropping the 60$ on a game I heard so much negativity around it.

I was able to play the Beta with a gifted key and enjoyed it but never took the plunge.

That was until the free weekend. I told my uncle I would play with him for the weekend and see how it went.

Needless to say about my first 45 mins into the game I had gone onto amazon and purchased the game for a whopping 17$ when it was on sale! Best purchase ever! (dont tell my wife). I should have gotten her a copy too because shortly after I started playing she would be over my shoulder asking questions and saying stuff to help me when I missed something.

My thoughts on the game are constantly evolving. I am currently level 46 and going way faster then ever before when I found out about power armor about a week ago and last night I was wandering around white-springs when It was nuked! Ran into a level 92 deathclaw and 3 shot him with my mele build. That was fun!


Wife now plays with me. My brother plays. Even a co-worker I've never done anything with before after talking about how fun the game was got on last night. We had a blast at level 3 with party hats on grabbing wood, building shelters and fighting off mole rats!

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I really love what fallout 76 did for me. I never play games alone. I dislike single player games, I am disabled and cant go out and adventure like most can. This game brought me into a setting i've never experienced before with my loved ones. I maybe overcompensating but being in a power suit makes me feel like a 1950's Iron Man!

Currently we are looking for more people to play with 🙂 Im really excited to learn how to nuke and play with people who can show us the ropes too. My uncle is a casual player and hasnt done much with those!

Thanks for the time spent reading and thanks bethesda for making a fallout game I can play with my loved ones 🙂

For those of you who like the social aspect of the game my call sign is "Middleohnowhere" oddly fitting for this game.

Have a great day everyone! Let the rads be few (unless you into that) and the chems be many!

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