Fallout 76 mythical creature confusion

fallout 3 - Fallout 76 mythical creature confusion

One thing I've been confused about when it comes to the "mythical" creatures in 76 is how it would work for ones from before the war. So the Mothman, Snallygaster and Grafton Monster were all spotted before the war and became part of folklore, which means they weren't created from radiation. There's even an accurate depiction of the Grafton Monster on a magazine. But it seems like in game it's not just one of each creature like in folklore, but some size of population, which to me feels more indicative of a creature created by radiation. not to mention that giant moths just seem, for the universe, more in line with like a mutation, rather than some kind of actual animal.


So there's a couple of explanations for this that I can come up with. Maybe there was a very small population of these creatures before the war, and just the reduced human population allowed the small populations to grow in size, like Chernobyl. This one would work, but I feel that even with a small population, they would have been spotted more and known about, especially because of their size. Another idea that I have that could fit, I like more but is kind of complicated. Maybe they are radiation induced, and the examples from before the war were very circumstantial cases of the monsters. for example maybe there's a specific type of moth species specific to West Virginia. We've seen that certain animals have specific mutations that are most common to happen (aka only seeing two headed cows). so maybe this specific moth's most common mutation is to grow massive. The one instance we see it before the war could have been due to a couple of generations of that moth living next to a nuclear power plant not disposing of waste properly or something. As for the Grafton Monster, now that I think about it, it looks maybe more like an FEV mutant. I dunno, maybe the Wes-Tek, who we know
was doing stuff with FEV in WV, created the Grafton monsters and one escaped (or they made one, it escaped, and the rest were made later with the super mutants). Lastly the only other explanation I could come up with, at least for the Mothman and Snallygaster is that they were legitimately just myths before the war. Then after the war when people saw a giant moth they just started calling it the Mothman because it reminded them of the old myth. That would actually explain why the Mothman statue is so inaccurate.

I'm not sure, I want to know y'all's perspective on the subject. Maybe i'm missing something or just overthinking it.


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