Fallout 76 NW, cheaters

fallout 3 - Fallout 76 NW, cheaters

So fairly new player, though I have some issues with the game, I have enjoyed it so far for the most part, figured I'd give Nuclear winter a try, first few matches I liked (even if on a few I died quite quick a few times) but lately I've encountered a lot of cheaters (basically to the point where playing isn't really worth the load times)

First time I wasn't even really sure what happened, I took some slight damage moved since I figured someone had me in their sights and I couldn't see them, got hurt again which I thought was odd since the direct I got hit from nobody should have been able to target me (against the school wall) notice my team start getting hurt, figure no worries stim and go help them, get around the corner and they are also all in cover with nobody obviously in line of sight, first team member goes down, help them up, than go down myself at this point we are all pretty much constantly taking cover and die, though nobody seems to be around, than I observe player whos running around on circles on the other side of the map with a repeating crossbow firing into the ground and watch the kill notifications roll in reported the player, and quit

gave it a few days, just got a notification saying it was being investigated, but nothing else

decided maybe it was a one of and jump into another match to do the daily thing, stay alive 10 minutes no worries, I can do that, so team seems to have the same idea and we set up in a fairly hidden area and await to either need to move or ambush, than bam one player down, than me, than the other two, again I observe the player, again otherside of the map (this was the bridge map we were just off the underside on the rocks, no view of the town below, and of course there is the player repeatedly shooting (you could see the bullets going behind the player at times, clearly the opposite of were he was looking) his just walking around firing endlessly, 20 kills later the match was over with him obviously winning (the zone had only closed once was the shortest match I had ever seen), reported it


anyway question is, is that normal, should I just give up and not play it, whilst I'm failure with battleroyals I haven't really played them before but quite enjoyed it…when there wasn't any cheaters, up until I encounted these two obviously cheating I had fun, but it does certainly make me question if there had been other players less obviously cheating in other matches…there where a few occasions that are suspicious but I just put that down to them being much better players

should I just give up on it and try to play a different game (I'm pretty much done with the single player, I only really play it as a solo and have seen everything) is NW worth playing at the moment or is cheating just too common? (I'm like lv18 NW to get an idea that I've played a few matches…although most of that was double exp)

edit: Also what is the point of cheating so obviously, I have no idea what anyone can get of it (surely it can't be fun to no skill end a match in minutes, only logic I have is the fun of making other people have less fun, if your a special breed of sad), surely they would get banned or does bethesda not really ban people?

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