Fallout 76 or a future Fallou MP game should have joinable factions.

fallout 2 - Fallout 76 or a future Fallou MP game should have joinable factions.

Suggestion piece, please read and let me know your thoughts

Introducing fallout factions – An upcoming DLC for fallout 76.

All players once reaching level 50 will be asked to choose one of the Fallout Factions. Thise players not wanting to join a faction can opt out. This will place them in the lone wanderer faction which is a neutral faction to all others but still is able to get specific faction rewards.

What are the Factions?

Choose from 1 of 6 factions from Fallout 76 which stand behind similar/opposing beliefs. Based on ingame content each faction will have gear specific to them. They will also have predefined enemy, friendly and neutral factions which runs in line with their values. Some factions such as the raiders will have more enemies than the responders.

The Faction events

Faction events are ways to gain loot and locations for your faction. Points are earned on an individual player basis. All pts that has been earned by the indiviuals are accumilated for their faction, the total is then divided by the amount of active players within that faction. Points are recalculated on a weekly basis. The pts then decide which locations are owned by the factions.

PVE events –

Members from each faction that successfully complete a normal PVE event gain 1 pt for their faction.

Members from each faction that successfully complete a (New) Faction event gets 2 pts for their faction.

Each team that completes an event together with other members of their faction or a team gains +1 point extra per member.


Members from each each faction gain 2 pts for a normal PVP event aka Monster mash.

Members gain 3 pts for winning a (new) PVP faction event.

Members gain 5 Pts each for winning a (new) PVP team only faction event.

Members gain +3pts for attending an event not in their factions locations and +5pts for winning the event. See locations below for info.

Faction Status

Factions exist in 3 stages

Enemy – Red dot on map (unless hidden) and navigation bar, red text over assets (turrets etc). Enemy factions are constant PVP, no need to initiate. Enemy camps are fully destroyable and lootable with chance based objects from the players stash (Weps, App, Aid, Junk and ……Ammo).

Neutral – – white Dots on map and navigation bar. white text over assets. Neutral Factions can initiate PVP using the same slap method as PVP is now. Entering into PVP will set those players into an enemy state. Note if a team of members from a neutral faction attack another then only the teams became enemies, the factions stay neutral. Camps are fully destroyable and lootable with chance based objects from the players stash

Friendly – Show as green dots, green assets which are useable by all friendies even when locked. Friendly players or assets cannot be attacked by members of friendly factions.

Faction Locations

Each week, major areas of Appalachia are lost and gained by opposing or friendly factions.

Areas will be set locations which will consist of static strong holds such as whitesprings and the ammo workshops area as well as none static locations that randomly generate high loot spots. This should ensure a monopoly of strongholds is not always the most beneficial to hold.

A location is taken by the combined points of all members, averaged, per faction for that location. The faction with the most points wins that location. An example…..Scorched Earth event happens 10 times in a week. In those times 25 players from 4 factions take part. Only some complete the event. After accumilation of pts, Faction 1 scores 100pts and faction 2 60pts. Faction 1 will now own that location for 1 week until the next accumilation of points.

While on enemy territory you deal 10% less dmg and hunger and thirst increase by 20%


Enemy camps within friendly locations will display as red on the hud, but not be displayed on the map or compass. Neutral as white, Friendly as green.

You get 50pts for your faction if you destroy an enemy base. The enemy cannot deploy/redeploy their base in an enemy held location unless the 'They Call me James' perk is active (see below) The enemy gains +5 pts for each real world hour that their camp is in an enemy location.

Friends in different factions –

There will be 2 new Perk cards introduced.

They Call me James – (charisma) 2pts – Players and their assets are disguised as neutral to ALL factions other than their own.

Eyes Wide Shut – (Intellegence) 2pts – See the true colours, reveals faction identities of ALL players and their assets.

This will enable friends to team together or spys.

Future Proofing

The DLC will introduce consequence based missions. As you play through the DLC you will encounter a decision based on morale. Your choices will affect which factions will be available to you.


Clans may be set up within factions but are limited due to member space per faction (TBC).

Individual Player rewards and Lone wanderer faction –

Players will NOT recieve individual awards for pts scored for their faction other than leaderboards and bragging rights. Players will receive rewards for completing events. Lone wanderer rewards will be awarded individually for doing tasks in game.

Faction Rewards (still in progress) Specialised Faction Rewards will be awarded to players for completing the following

Winning a PVE Faction event Winning a PVP Faction event Winning a PVP Team Faction event Winning a location.

Each faction will have perks and gear dedicated to that faction. example below…

Lonewanderer – Companions assemble – Can now Order Pacified creatures. Basically this allows you to pacify a creature and turn them into a companion, very much like companions in fallout 4.

BOS – VertRecongood – Allows a section of the map to be marked and a vertibird will fly over highligting ALL enemy and neutral locations, camps, workshops and players on your map.

Responders – I feel good – You constantly heal members close to you and your stimpacks/ revive are 100% quicker and more effective while healing a faction member, you are invulnarable for 2 seconds while healing and can heal players at any time.

There will also be disadvantages – factions cannot use certain gear or perks etc (tbd)

Why are factions good.

In each Fallout fame their has always been factions with opposing beliefs. Listing to endless holotapes and linking them with hidden notes and messages has proved that F76 is no different. From down right savagery to had no choice the, now deceased, characters and factions have left legacys around Appalachia to which it would be a shame to ignore.

What is an RPG, well it's a long tube that you stick a missile in….

But seriously, an RPG allows to to choose a virtual identity that bases no consequence in the real world. For what ever reason you have chosen which ever identity, like in the real world, it's human nature to seek assurance that you made the right identity choice. We do this by finding and connecting with others that share our identity. Fallout factions is a reason to meet, collaborate, communicate, dominate, gravitate, alleviate (help, nurture, heal) and be the one faction that survives the wastelands. You wanna be a raider and take what you want, and more, and more, and that too? Do it with others that want that 2. Hate those pricks….Join an opposing faction. Before, there wasn't necessity to communicate because we couldn't relate. Now we must become one to carry on.

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