Fallout 76 PSA: if your base disappears, unless it’s a simple cabin in a flat area, rebuilding it can be an absolute deal-breaker, and it was for me.

fallout 4 - Fallout 76 PSA: if your base disappears, unless it's a simple cabin in a flat area, rebuilding it can be an absolute deal-breaker, and it was for me.

After losing my elaborate, oddly-shaped base on a hillside four times, I finally had to quit playing the B.E.T.A. I ended up spending most of my time over the last few B.E.T.A. sessions rebuilding my base, over and over, for hours. I couldn't do it a fifth time.

Three things are wrong with the system as it currently is.

1) Putting down your blueprinted base costs the same amount of scrap it took to make it in the first place.

Even though you already fully built it and you did not choose to make your base disappear, if you want to just plop it back down somewhere else, it costs a lot of your resources to do it. This system makes more sense if you're purposefully picking up your base and moving it to a new area. But when you didn't choose to take it down, it's just a huge bummer and a weird penalty that shouldn't exist.

2) BGS tried to put in a bit of a fail safe for this, but it has a high chance of not working if your base is oddly shaped, elaborate, and/or on varied terrain.

If your base disappears, the game will put sections of your base (basically platform by platform) in the "Stored" folder so you don't have to pay in scrap to plop your base back down. The problem? If your base is interestingly-shaped or on weird terrain, trying to futz it back into place section by section is either impossible (the structure will stay red where ever you try to put it, and even if it turns green it sill won't place), or it will take you a good chunk of time trying every weird square inch to get it to drop. The problem here is that then you still have other sections to attach to it and it can become an intractable situation anyway.

The solution is the worst case scenario: breaking it all back down into its constituent components (chairs, lights, crafting stations, floors, decorations, wiring everything back up, etc.), and rebuilding the entire thing from the start. If your base was big and elaborate, this can take hours. I had no other recourse (except giving up on having a base in that area), and had to do this four times.

3) But, there's a deeper problem that cascades out of this: it stifles creativity and promotes building in remote areas.

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In a game where we've replaced the NPCs, player interaction should be as easy and seamless as possible, and this system promotes the opposite. I was trying to build my camp on a heavily visited roadside area for trading, to team up with people, so that passers by could use my crafting stations, and to have turrets around to help low level characters running from monsters have some back up. But because the area was heavily visited, it also meant that there could be C.A.M.P.s set up too close to my camp's build radius, making it disappear when I logged in.

If you have any plans to try to be a roadside trader or a friendly roleplayer and you want your house/base/shop to be in a more popular area, you're eventually going to have to rebuild your base, and I got the brunt of it.

Even worse (in my opinion) is it encourages you to not go wild and try to build weird, interesting structures, as the weirder they get, the harder they are to futz back together when your base inevitably disappears.

This in turn encourages players to build boring square cabins out in remote areas so they don't lose their bases all the time, and they are easy to rebuild if they do.

I'm not trying to be a big sourpuss, I'm over my initial frustration, but I just wanted to warn you guys. I also want to cc: u/BethesdaGameStudios_ again, just so they can get a sense of this from a player's perspective. Is there going to be any way to prevent this in the future? I also wanted to note: I keep being told the reason my base was disappearing was because there must have been another C.A.M.P. too close. The problem with that theory is that I could immediately plop my C.A.M.P. device back down in the same place and start rebuilding, which I wouldn't be allowed to do if I was in another C.A.M.P.'s radius. Right? It feels like it almost could have been a glitch. Or was I too close to a non-build area and there's something I should know about that? I'd love some insight from you guys if you could provide it. Like if there are any particular underlying rules about base placement that we don't know about.

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Because as it stands, I just can't bring myself to turn the game on again. I can't lovingly and carefully build my base for another three hours just to lose it randomly out of nowhere the next time I log in. It's a bit of a deal breaker for me.


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