Fallout 76 PVP – Methodology, Thought Process and Terminology

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Fallout 76 PVP - Methodology, Thought Process and Terminology

Hello Vault Dwellers, General Sandman of the Enclave speaking to you to address some important questions I have been asked in regards to PVP and the 'food build' mentality around it.

You may be asking yourself "What is a food build?" "Am I a food build?" and the answer is entirely up to you.

See, a food build is a term I threw out a long time ago to describe a person whose character is spec'd solely for quality of life and weight reduction with no real damage or defensive qualities. The problem with these builds is they also attempt to engage in PVP like this, lacking the ability to inflict damage or absorb it… simply because they may possess a weapon they deem to be "OP", such as a Two Shot Explosive weapon and when they lose this engagement… they deem the victor either a cheat, hacking, or having 'cheap tricks'.

Easy there Billy… TSE has not been META for PVP since 2018.

I am going to showcase what a "Food build" would be to us. This is our terminology for builds that look as follows… https://imgur.com/a/QEVvXKX

So the real question you should be asking if you are consistently dying at every PVP engagement is… what am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

See, The META of PVP in this game adapts depending on patches. As of now, the current meta is weapons with fast fire rates. Faster Firerate handmades definitely take the cake along with many others. Explosive weapons are lower in grade now. I would suggest radiation damage weapons as valid sidearms as although you can hit for 110 damage and defensive per shot, you can do roughly 120 in radiation per shot, allowing the gamma gun modified with deep dish and signal repeater to be a viable weapon for PVP.

Be mindful of the primary legendary stats of the weapons you use. Being in power armor and using "Berzerker" weapons is the equivalent of hitting someone with a Level 5 bench crafted board. Keep in mind the point is to hit as hard as you can with weapons that fire fast. Hitting for 3000 with a Fatman might look good in theory but only 110 of that damage will translate into health damage. Taking fights while wearing Excavator armor does not help your cause. You can fight very well in Power Armor by using Dodgy, Nerd Rage, Any stim based cards you can get along with Emergency Protocol or Stealthboy chest modifications. However Sentinel Assassin is the primary PVP armor setup you will find most players using.

Sentinel effect is the 15% damage reduction while standing per piece (75% with full set assuming all rolls work in your favor) Assassin 8% damage reduction from players per piece (40% with full set assuming all rolls work in your favor)

Using anything to stagger them will increase the chances of inflicting damage and using concentrated fire with headshots will help as well.

VATS is both a gift and curse in this game, designed specifically to assist those who cannot aim very well. Its basically an auto aim mechanism that allows you to lock onto someone and fire. This is both advantageous and disadvantageous in how this can work in your favor to kill others, but you can be murdered using this same auto-locking system which removes the necessity for someone to be capable of aiming even in your general direction.

There are multiple counters for VATS-reliant players. One method is to crouch with chameleon, possibly using escape artist and sneak. You cannot be initially vats locked while crouching but if hit with a shot, the shooter can then vats lock onto you, even while you are crouched. Chameleon does not run out and is infinite so this method can be used forever.


Another alternative is to use Stealthboys. This allows you full range of motion to run, reposition and dictate the tempo better. You cannot be VATS even after being hit in Stealthboy, regardless of being crouched or in motion, etc. This does however run out and is a resouce like chems, aid, and other useful items like Bobbleheads.

There are counters for chameleon and stealthboy invisibility. Some of these are using ranged weapons with berry mentats to showcase them as pink mist. AOE weapons and Tesla rifles are very solid counters as well.

So take a good look at your build. If you're only worried about the weight you carry and how you manage it… you will not fair well against players with decent builds. The most dangerous, cunning, and toughest thing in the wasteland is other players. I've seen methods of using Nuka colas as stims, I've seen players use syringers to counter and buff other players. I've seen awkward things being done because players are thinking outside the box to counteract each other.

You can't fault PVP players for taking the time out to figure these approaches out. And while I may not be a beacon of light in this community by a longshot, I feel it puts ALL players who engage in PVP in a negative light on both sides of the encounter. Certain people have gotten too comfortable being overencumbered and feel almost entitled that they should be doing max damage and tanking as much as possible when this just isn't the case. Proper approach to the build is what matters and a lot of people don't have that. Don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting that these players go out and change their entire builds and remove everything that they have. I'm stating that if you have the points, and if you want to defend yourself and are going to end up in fights, why not re-evaluate your cards and maybe move things around where you can change certain cards to assist with damage and defense and PVP? Look at the points you have and figure out a gameplan and methodology behind creating an alternate card setup to engage other players. There are other methods of approaching PVP other than saying its broken and complain about it.

I've been fighting against other players since beta in this game and I'm level 331 at the moment. However, levels don't matter as much as people seem to make them out to be. At 331, I do no more damage with a weapon than I did at 50. The only difference is the access to cards. If you properly plan out your build or simply level up enough, you can move points and unlock cards you want to get yourself into a better space. I could have this same build done between level 55-70. Its your approach, your build, your gear, how you spec yourself and how you move during engagements that matters. And I think the biggest problem is the incorrect setups players go into PVP with… and then expect better outcomes than what they receive.

I would suggest researching PVP builds and looking into it and looking into the mentality and thought processes behind card selection for PVP based builds. Unfortunately I cannot post any outside video links here or I would easily point you to some. Thanks and I hope this clarifies some of the issues you may be encountering during fights.

If you do have any questions about PVP and builds, I will be willing to answer.

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